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Here’s How You Can Participate in National Blood Donor Month

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January is National Blood Donor month and offers up the perfect opportunity to give back to your community. The beginning of the year is all about starting fresh and putting your best foot forward. We can’t think of a better way to do so than by helping others by participating in the cause! Historically, January is the most difficult month for blood donation due to harsh weather conditions and the ending of the holiday season, but even one blood donation can save up to three lives! Curious how you can get involved? Read on to learn how you can participate and help save lives in the process.

Donate blood

This is a no-brainer, but if you’re able to donate blood then you should! The first step is figuring out if you are eligible to do so. You must be in good health, be at least 17 years old and have not donated in the last 56 days. Once you check off this criteria, you can find your local blood drive via a quick google search and schedule an appointment–it's that easy!



Encourage a friend to donate

If you are not able to donate blood yourself, find a blood donor buddy! The encouragement of a friend can not only help with getting others to support the cause but can hold you accountable for following through with your own donation. Such a win-win situation.

Plan a blood drive

Planning your own blood drive sounds like a massive task, but it’s actually pretty simple to do with proper planning. You can work with an organization like the Red Cross and help rally your local community to get involved by offering treats from your local bakery or a small business gift card for the first five donors who sign up. Blood drives make a huge difference and help to educate others on the importance of blood donation.

Post on social media

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This may seem like a silly idea, but we all know the power of social media! Posting about national blood donor month on your social channels helps to spread the word and the more informed others are the more likely they are to learn more about the cause and donate themselves. Utilize your Instagram account for something positive! You’ll feel great afterwards, trust us!

How will you support National Blood Donor Month? Let us know in the comments!


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