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How To Make A Vision Board And Conquer Your Dreams

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Vision Board Social Sunday

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We’ve all heard the saying “You remember the things you write down." But for us creatives, writing down what we want to remember isn’t always enough. We want to express how we feel, what we dream about, where we want to go, and the things that inspire us the most. If you have a goal (or goals), if you have a big dream you hope to accomplish one day, or if there are places you want to visit, a vision board is a perfect way to stay focused and energized. I personally have been making vision boards ever since I was a little girl. I first learned how to make one in my acting class. One of my greatest passions is storytelling and film and am one of those weirdos who goes to see movies alone. When I was just nine years old, I cut out clippings from magazines of my favorite actresses, or printouts from the internet of what awards I would want to win one day. Of course, as we grow older and evolve as people our dreams and desires evolve too, which is totally okay. What’s not okay is having a big dream and letting life get in the way. We get busy with work, relationships, school, paying our bills and trying to maintain a social life. That can all be distractions to the bigger things we want to accomplish in our short lives. In order to remember and be inspired every day to work towards those goals, we make vision boards. Never made one before? It’s okay - we’ll tell you how. Step by step.

#1. Actually, Write Down What Your Goals Are

This is easy because it’s not a novel. It’s just a list of things you want to do one day, places you want to go, and things you hope to achieve. They can be long-term or short-term goals. They can be things you think will never happen, and things you really see yourself doing. This is great to be able to narrow down what your vision board will consist of and make your research much easier as well. It keeps your board to the point while still being visually appealing. Some of my personal goals are to move to my favorite city, NYC, to travel to more places outside the country like Europe, to build my savings account and pay off my debt, and to build relationships with people who I want to keep in my life forever. These are all over the place, but can all be seen in my own vision board.


#2. Gather Magazines, Books, and Pinterest Boards For Material

This is where it starts getting really fun. There are no rules here so go crazy! Get magazines, newspapers, books, and even create a Pinterest board. Take a weekend to go through these things and cut out quotes, photos, and design elements you want on your vision board. Later on we can eliminate ones that don’t fit or may be repetitive, but for now - GO CRAZY! You can print off anything you see on your Pinterest board and cut them out too! If you’re into graphic design you can even create your own small colleges or quotes to print out for your board. There’s never too many magazine clippings, quotes, and creative photos to choose from! So grab a coffee, a pair of scissors, a friend, and a good playlist and have some fun!

#3. Get Your Supplies Ready

This part is fun and quick so don’t worry. All you need is a large poster board, scissors, double-sided tape (maybe even printed tape for #aesthetic), markers (for those of you with excellent handwriting skills), and all your magazine/book/Pinterest clippings. For those of you who have tons of wall space (or just a lot of dreams) feel free to use the entire poster board. If you think that’s too much room, then cut it in half, and give the other half to a friend to make one with you. You can get these supplies at your local dollar store or craft store. Tip: make sure to check online for any coupons that you can use at a craft store, and bring your student ID. The more discount you can get, the better! Now you’re ready to create.
Vision board Social Sunday
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#4. Create a Creative Space

At this point, you may want to jump right into creating, which you totally can. One thing I have found that helps me stay motivated while making my vision board is creating a “creative” space. This can take some time and you may not have the same energy at hour two that you did at hour one. In order to keep your spirits high and mighty, here are a few things you can do to make that space sacred. Start by putting some of your favorite songs/bands on a playlist and playing that in the background. Next, grab your favorite drink. This acts as a reward for yourself for doing something so great, and it keeps you hydrated throughout your creation time. Lastly, do it with a friend, one that possibly has the same passion and drives as you.

#5. Find Your Big Images and Words First

I have found that getting the larger images and words out of the way first helps me see what the vision board will look like overall and then I can fill in all the empty spaces later with smaller items. Start by just placing them on your board first. Laying them down in whatever layout you think is best first helps you see what you want without committing to it right away. Once you’ve found the big template of your vision board, start pasting them down. I love using double-sided tape because it lays flat, it’s strong and it keeps the background board looking clean and fresh.
Vision Board Social Sunday
photo via pinterest

#6. Fill Out The Empty Spaces

After you have a good idea of what the main, eye-catching points will be, you’re ready to fill in the rest. These can be with smaller photos and quotes or patterns you think are nice. Remember this is YOUR board. There is no right or wrong way to create this. You’ll see this every day so make it count! If you like it, use it. If you love it-use it! It’s all up to you, which makes this so personal and fun.

#7. Hang It Up Somewhere You Will See Every Day

You did it! You made your vision board and now you can display it for the world to see…..or just you. It’s important where you decide to display it because the whole point of making this was to have a daily reminder of what you what out of life. Placing your vision board in an easy spot where you will have to see it every day will give you the chance to be inspired by your goals and more likely to accomplish them. It’s also a reminder of something you made for yourself. Doesn't that feel amazing too? So hang it on the back of your bedroom door, or above that mirror, you love and watch your life slowly change. I promise you won’t regret it!
We hope you enjoy making your vision board and if you follow any of these steps make sure to tag us in your photos. We would love to see how they turn out! 


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