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How To Be Grateful (A Resolution You Can Actually Keep)

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As the year ends and we all start thinking about the upcoming one ahead, our feeds can be overwhelmed with content listing ways to stick to those pesky New Year’s resolutions that we might find ourselves struggling to maintain as the months pass. Raise your hand if this has happened to you  🙋🏼. I am all for self-improvement and setting intentions for ourselves at the start of a new year, but making and then breaking these resolutions can feel counter-intuitive and counter-productive to the ultimate goal of bettering ourselves, our lives, and each other with each new year.

While you may be focused on attending more fitness classes in 2019 or perhaps finally taking that tropical trip you’ve been dreaming of (kudos to you if you are) sometimes, taking a step back and focusing on what you are already grateful for is a resolution that can be extremely beneficial to your mental health and a practice we can actually stick with throughout the year. So, put on our Grateful pullover, get ready to take notes, and follow the below tips on how to not only be grateful when the year starts in January, but throughout the entire year.
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In keeping with the end of year theme you can start your gratitude practice by reflecting on the past year and making a list of everything that you are grateful for. Keep in mind that while positivity is key you can also be grateful for the difficult things in your life that perhaps taught you a lesson or allowed you to grow. Don't be afraid to turn a negative into a positive.
Start a Gratitude Journal
I find that the easiest way to hold yourself accountable for being grateful daily is to write down what you feel grateful for every day (or at least aim for every day, it’s totally OK if once a week ends up working better for you). You can purchase a gratitude journal made specifically for this purpose or simply type a note on your phone. No matter where you choose to log your gratitude, you can start with focusing on the little things. It can be as small as being grateful for the bagel you ate for breakfast or as broad as recording your gratitude for all the special people in your life.
Pro Tip: They even have apps that help you log your gratitude. We love the My Gratitude app!
Send a Thank You Note or Text

Sometimes the best way to be grateful is to say it out loud and remind the people in your life how grateful you are for them. This can be as easy as sending a quick text to a friend thanking them for being in your life or you can utilize compliment cards. These cute cards each have room to jot a quick note on the back and are a great way to remind those around you how really feel.
Set Intentions
We can use intentions to express gratitude to ourselves and to others. While keeping in mind our gratefulness for those around us is important, taking time to thank ourselves is vital too. Being proud of our accomplishments, of setting new goals, or getting over a hurdle is worth noting and celebrating. We can do this by creating or stating a mantra of gratitude, this can be at the start of a yoga practice or just at the beginning of your day.
How do you practice being grateful? Tell us in the comments!


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