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Halloween For the Introvert: How to Celebrate

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There are a lot of things to love about Halloween: spooky ghost stories, pumpkin-flavored everything, scary movies, and cool costumes. On the flipside, if you are an introvert there are elements of Halloween that can be not-so-funhouse parties, crowded bars, and worst of all, attempting to call an Uber on Halloween night (there really is nothing scarier than surge pricing!).

If you tend to be the introverted type, the idea of going out on Halloween can sound more like a nightmare than a fun time. If this sounds like you no need to fret, there are plenty of ways to be festive while staying inpreferably while wearing your coziest PJ’s. 

So, if Halloween is your favorite holiday, but socialization is not always your friend (we see you homebodies) we came up with a list of activities that you can do alone or with the company of a few other laid-back friends to celebrate from the comfort of your own home.

Bake a Treat That Looks Icky, but Tastes Yummy

You don’t not have to be a baker to take a stab at mixing together some ingredients, especially when making delightfully creepy concoctions. In this case, the messier the outcome the better! We love this eerie eyeball cupcake recipe made with gumdrops and licorice. If baking just isn’t your thing, we promise we won’t tell if you pop those famous cookie dough pumpkin cookies in the oven from the grocery store.

(Photo via Midwest Living)

Make Your Home a Spooky Oasis

If you plan on spending Halloween night indoors, why not make your abode a Halloween wonderland to enjoy? Bonus points for homemade decorations since they save money and will get your creativity flowing. This candy corn garland doubles as a snack and is an easy project for those who need to enroll in crafting 101.

If you prefer to purchase your décor so that you can adorn your home year after year Target has an insanely amazing Halloween collection. Their little plush hallows eve dolls are the perfect combo of creepy and cute.

(Photo via Target)

Create a Best of Netflix Halloween List and Proceed to Binge

Staying in with a giant bowl of popcorn while wearing pajamas is the epitome of a night in well spent, at least in our opinion! Our favorite shows to binge are Stanger Things and The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. Christine creates endless macabre inspiration and we are utterly obsessed. P.S.: if you're looking for horror film suggestions, check out our list!

(Photo via Netflix)

Create a Halloween Cocktail

Who doesn't adore a lovely festive cocktail? Especially when it involves a couch instead of a bar stool. Pinterest is an endless source of cocktail creations, we suggest choosing the prettiest cocktail of the bunch. This witches brew recipe creates a cocktail almost too beautiful to consume.

(Photo via Spinkles & Sprouts)

How do you celebrate Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!


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