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Your Guide to Making a 2020 New Year’s Resolution and Actually Keeping It

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New Year's resolutions can be tricky. They're filled with purpose and good intent on January 1, but often they can feel more like a burden than a blessing as the year rolls on. The beginning of the year is ripe with fresh starts and goal setting, and with this comes a sort of ease in ramping up for the year ahead. The tricky part comes as we try to stick to these resolutions come February–and it gets downright tough as the spring and summer months arrive! We have the ultimate guide to making and keeping your 2020 resolutions all year long. ✨
1.) Start small
Keeping your resolutions throughout the year starts with the ideation of the resolution. If your goal is not properly set in the first place, the likelihood that you keep up with it is much lower. When brainstorming your 2020 resolutions, it’s okay to think small. The commonality in resolutions is to go big or go home. Is it really a worthy New Years resolution if the idea is something smaller? The answer is yes. In fact, the smaller resolutions might even be worthier than your lofty aspirations, as these are the resolutions that are easier to adhere to and all of the small steps are what leads us to tackling the bigger milestones.
2.) Set tiny goals
Thinking small doesn’t mean you can’t have big goals; it just means setting a bunch of little goals that can lead up to a bigger one. For example, if your resolution is to visit Paris by the end of 2020, instead of setting just this one large goal you can make a trip to Paris your big resolution and then add in smaller ones that help you get there. A small goal can be saving $20 a week for spending money on your trip or making a list of 10 places that you want to visit in Paris by the end of March in preparation. These tiny goals hold you accountable throughout the year, so when it comes to keeping your big resolution you have a much better chance of actually doing what you planned.
3.) Talk it up!
Another fantastic way of holding yourself accountable for your resolutions all year is to talk about them. Once you've landed on what you desire for yourself in 2020 or an action you will be taking, tell your friends, your colleagues, your family, anyone! If you’re planning on becoming a vegetarian in the new year and your best friend is aware of this, they can help keep you on track. You’re not going to order a burger at dinner if you're eating with your friend that knows about your commitment to not eating meat. 
4.) Write them down
If sharing your 2020 aspirations with others feels like too much for you there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep this information personal you can supplement the help of a friend or family member with a notebook. Most of us tend to write down our resolutions once and then never again. Revisiting your resolutions via journaling throughout the year either monthly or quarterly (or whatever works for you!) ensures that you're always thinking about your goals. If they are always top of mind, you're more likely to keep going with you're new 2020 habit.
Whether you enjoy writing things down or saying them out loud, keeping your resolutions is all about persistence. As long as you’re constantly coming back to your resolutions adhering to them should be attainable and if you find that there is one resolution that you just can’t keep up with that's okay! Revisit why you set that resolution to begin with and then move on to the next.
What are your New Year’s 2020 resolutions? Let us know in the comments!


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