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Grab the Popcorn and Get Pumped For These November Movie Releases

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It’s November, which means that 2018 is quickly coming to an end. But let’s not forget that the 2018 holiday movie season is just kicking off. November is going to be a month full of movie releases for everyone—whether you’re a comedy connoisseur, a drama mama, or anything in between. Here are five films we will be hitting the theaters to check out this month:


1. Bohemian Rhapsody - November 2nd
We all know the legendary British rock band Queen and that frontman Freddy Mercury defied to pave the way for other musicians to showcase their free spirit —but what's their story? Bohemian Rhapsody zooms into Mercury's life and the course of events leading up to Queen's iconic performance at the Live Aid benefit concert at the Wembley Stadium in 1985. I'm excited to have the costume and set design to take me back in time and to hear so many of Queen's greatest hits in a single film.


2. The Grinch - November 9th
You’re never too old for a classic and it’s never too early to watch an animated Christmas film—especially when it’s voiced by an all-star cast. Benedict Cumberbatch voices The Grinch and you can also expect to hear Rashida Jones, Keenan Thompson, and even Pharrell throughout the film. Illumination Entertainment, the same company that brought us Despicable Me, is producing this adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s classic, making it even more promising. P.S. Max, the Grinch’s loyal pup, is adorable in the trailer!


3. Widows - November 16th
Widows is exactly what all of us needed: a dark, suspenseful film about an all-women heist gang. The powerful, Oscar-winning Viola Davis leads a cult of three other women on a dangerous trek for survival after heir husbands were killed, and the ladies must assume the huge debt left behind from their spouse's criminal activities. This is an intense, real-world film revolving around corruptionnot some cheesy, hunky-dory display of female empowerment. And we're here for it. 


4. Creed II - November 21st
A shirtless Michael B. Jordan. That should be convincing enough for you to see this one. Ok, but real talk: the movie does seem compelling. In this sequel to Creed, Michael B. Jordan returns to his role as boxer Adonis Creed to fight the son of the man who killed Adonis’s father over thirty years in the boxing ring. Adonis is trained by no other than Rocky Balboa, who you likely know from the namesake movie franchise that initiated in 1976. This is the eighth installment in the Rocky series, which is pretty amazing to me since I basically grew up watching Rocky films with my dad.


5. The Possession of Hannah Grace - November 30th
Halloween may be over, but horror films should be enjoyed all year round. Shay Mitchell stars in this supernatural horror flick, so it'll be pretty cool to watch her test her versatility as an actress who is often associated with a teen drama series. In The Possession of Hannah Grace, Shay's character, Megan, encounters a dismembered body (super gross, check out the trailer) while working at the morgue. The body apparently belongs to a girl named Hannah Grace, who died during an exorcism. Some demonic force still lurks in her body, so she's not really dead yet. This one seems to be full of jump-out-of-your-seat scary moments, so be prepared!


What movies will you be seeing in theaters this month? Let us know in the comments!


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