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Here's How You Can Participate in This Year's Giving Tuesday

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Here at Social Sunday, we know that the smallest gestures can often make the biggest impact. That's why we love spreading the word about Giving Tuesday, a movement that unleashes the power of people through donations, volunteering, and your own voice. Created in 2012 with the simple idea of doing good, it always falls on the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Read on for ways you can get involved and make a difference this December 3.
Use your power as an influencer to raise awareness
Are you a blogger or YouTuber with a decent amount of followers? Mentioning Giving Tuesday even once could have an unbelievable impact, especially a day or two before. Rally the troops and put out a call to action that today is the day to put your best foot forward! The website even has a handy tool to locate events happening near you and connect with non-profits in need.
Zone in on what your community needs
This day is all about giving back, so focus on a need in the community that you're passionate about. Are you striving to be a teacher and want to organize a drive for notebooks, pencils, paper and other school supplies? Or maybe you'd love to put together care packages for children who may not be getting a lot this Christmas. Whatever you're be collecting, make sure you check in with the non-profit you're throwing the drive for, and don't forget to take lots of photos.
Donate what you can
It's the holiday season and we're all splurging on Christmas gifts, which means your budget is most likely smaller than normal. But we can't say this enough: EVERY PENNY COUNTS! It's okay if you can't give hundreds of dollars–even one dollar can go a long way. You can go here to see a list of charities and non-profits to donate to this season.
Use social media to spread the word
We know this one's pretty obvious, but social media to your advantage. Giving Tuesday provides you with everything you need to Tweet like a pro in this digital age, including logos, transparent images, profile frames, tons of helpful information and more. Be active in your pursuit of spreading the word by using #GivingTuesday and let your followers know all about why the day is so special.
Strive to keep the kindness going after the day is over
We can get a lot done in 24 hours, but in order to really make a change, we need to keep the momentum going. This kind of activism takes many different forms and isn't limited to just one day. Check out the handy  "DoGood Calendar" that has acts of generosity to guide you through the month of December. After you've checked off these things, push yourself to create your own calendar for January, February, etc. and keep the kindness going.
Shop our charity collections
We love teaming up with charity organizations that support people from all walks of life to help them realize their full potential; giving back is kind of our thing. You can support all of these remarkable organizations including Bixby x Habitat for Humanity, I Support the Girls, and One Love by shopping our collections here!
You can go here to learn more about the movement and donate, and don't forget to follow Giving Tuesday on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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