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Freelance Photographer Karya Schanilec Shares Her Expertise and Daily Routine

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In My Social Sunday is a series where we highlight our amazing brand fans to share a bit more about their lives. Today we sat down with Karya Schanilec, a freelance photographer who recently moved from Seattle to New York City, to learn more about how she first discovered Social Sunday, what her favorite saying is, and what a day in her life is really like. 
Who are you and what do you do? 
My name is Karya Schanilec and I am a freelance photographer and social media specialist.
How did you first learn about Social Sunday? 
Through freelancer-extraordinaire Austen Tosone & Instagram!
What is your favorite Social Sunday design and why? 
This design is really speaking to me right now as I just moved from the West Coast (Seattle) to East Coast (NYC).
Take us through an average day in your life.
Since I'm a freelancer, my schedule can vary day to day. But typically I wake up around 7am, and immediately get on my phone/laptop/iPad to start working, usually with a cup of black tea or an oat milk chai. My daily to-do list usually consists of editing photos, answering emails, writing blog posts, and posting on social media for myself and clients. I'll usually take a break mid-day to workout (I love mat Pilates), and usually have shoots and meetings sprinkled throughout the day. Unless I have evening plans, I usually work until I'm ready to go to bed (the hustle never stops).
How would you describe your personal style? 
Witchy business casual
What does your ideal Sunday look like? 
An early morning shoot on a partly cloudy day followed by meeting up with friends or family for brunch and city exploring!
If you could learn the answer to one question you have about the future, what would you ask? 
Will coffee shops ever stop charging extra for dairy alternative milks?
What was your AIM icon and username? 
frog4girl and probably a Yahoo avatar that you could customize based on your style, which I regularly updated because I dyed my hair so much in middle school.
What’s your spirit animal?  
I'm a Cancer and definitely identify with a crab, but also would have to say a bat.
Do you have a favorite quote or saying?  
“For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.” -Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queen This line was read in one of my favorite movies Sense and Sensibility and was my senior quote in high school.
Anything else you’d like to share?  
I just relocated to NYC and would love to connect with other freelancers and creatives in the city, so hit me up and let's chat!
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