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Struggling to Stick to Your Resolution? These Fitness Classes Will Kick You into Shape

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At the start of the year, it’s relatively easy to get ramped up to a new fitness routine: we feel fresh, are excited about trying something new and are eager to reach our goals. But by the time February rolls around, our routine can already begin to feel stagnant and it can be hard to stay motivated. This is when trying out a new fitness class can be key to keeping yourself on track. Adding an unfamiliar or unusual class to your weekly workout can ignite excitement in the face of a monotonous gym routine. Read on for 6 fitness recommendations that are sure to kick your workout into overdrive and keep the momentum going all year long!

Dancebody - Signature 101

Who knew a workout could be this fun? Dancebody is a dance-inspired workout with locations in New York, Miami, The Hamptons and Los Angeles. If the gym is boring you, then Dancebody is the perfect class to try. With motivating Top 20 tunes to get you in a grooving mood, this barely feels like you’re working out and more like you’re learning a dance routine. The best part is there's no previous dance experience required so go ahead and dance your heart out! 

Rumble Training - Rumble Training 45 Min

Rumble may be known for its signature boxing classes, but their training offering will quickly whip you into shape. Rumble Training is only 45 minutes long, but don’t think that means that this class is easy to get through. The class will kick your butt in the best way with half the time spent on a treadmill and the rest of the class spent on interval training.

BIA Force - Force 45

For those looking for extra variety in their workout look no further than BIA Force. This brand new studio in NoHo in New York will have you moving from one format to the next throughout the class; from biking, to bands to boxing. The constant switch not only ensures a full body workout but helps the class go by in a flash.

Jane Do - Tramp Stamp

You might never have imagined that jumping on a trampoline could be so impactful to your workout, but Jane Do’s Tramp Stamp class will leave you wondering how bouncing can be so challenging. It focuses on workouts for women by women, and Tramp Stamp will help to tone your whole body while giving you a fresh burst of energy. How can you not be giddy while bouncing on a trampoline?

SLT - All Levels

Most of us have heard of pilates, but have you ever heard of a megaformer? In steps SLT to show you the ropes! SLT provides a 50-minute workout that literally leaves your muscles shaking. The megaformer offers different levels of resistance to tone your entire body. This class is incredibly challenging, but you will feel SO strong when its over--and isn’t that the point of a good workout in the first place?

Humming Puppy - Dynamic Hum

This beautiful yoga studio is not only visually appealing, but the humming noise that plays throughout class will leave you in a zen-like state when class is finished. The dynamic hum class involves a focus on your yoga flow and on strength. It’s designed to test your limitations and push you forward--now that is how you stay motivated! Bonus points if you wear our Vinyasa muscle tee to class.


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