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Facial Oils to Protect Your Skin All Summer Long

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Facial oil is the latest skincare trend, cited for assisting with hydration and that coveted overall “glow”, and beauty editors cannot seem to get enough of this liquid sensation. A good face oil can be known to boost skin elasticity, brighten, and even plump skin, but oils can also protect your skin from the elements. In fact, this not as new as you think method of skincare has actually been around for quite awhile. Using oil on your face can be traced back over 40,000 years! 

Facial oil also feels phenomenal on your skin when applied, the sensation is similar to the way your skin feels when you drink ice water on a hot day or slip your feet into a pair of cozy slippers after walking for miles. What is certain is that facial oils are not just a trend, but a mainstay in the world of face care products. What you might not know about these pretty little glass bottles is that they can also be filled with ingredients that protect your skin from things like pollution and the sun. Read on for some of the best oils on the market to protect your skin through the summer heat and beyond.

This oil heals skin from the inside out, protecting it from things like pollution and the effects of stress. It is known to flush the skin of impurities leaving a beautiful fresh surface. It doesn't get much better than that.

Argan oil was one of the first oils to hit the market when the popularity of facial oil first started to gain momentum. This classic face oil helps combat aging by protecting it from free radicals so it's a great choice for daily application.

This pick combines the more recent rise of hemp-dervied beauty products (looking at you CBD) with oil to create an herbal concentrate that not only calms the skin, but assists in protecting your skins barrier.

This bright orange oil is formulated wirh rose hips, which are known for their ability to shield skin grom from enviormental stress. It's great for those with super senstive skin and will leave you feeling smooth, not greasy.

This plant-derived solution closely replicates your skins natural oils and is a super inexpensive deal. This products helps seal in hyrdyation and is a dry skin game changer.

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