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Self-Care Tips to Help Beat the Winter Blues this Season

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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is coming to a close, you may find yourself feeling a little down. The presents have been unwrapped, the decorations will soon be put away, and you're left with an empty, nagging feeling. Don't freak out–this is very normal. Studies find that this time of year can often cause feelings of increased stress, anxiety, and loneliness. We have some self-care tips to  help you navigate through these tough times and de-stress as much as possible. Never fear girl, you aren't alone!
Remember that your mental health always comes first. I cannot stress this enough: your mental health should always be the number one priority. Christmas and New Year's are stressful, especially with the increased number of family gatherings and events happening all the time. If a holiday party sounds too overwhelming, or you're not up for an evening out with your pals, that's okay. You can make an appearance for a few minutes, mingle a bit, then head out, or not. It's up to you. The people who care about you will understand you missing a night or two to destress and take a break from the festivities.
Splurge on that little extra something to help you relax and unwind. Bath salts, essential oils, extra-exfoliating body scrub, even a good book–these are all items that are okay to spend a few extra dollars on. I found myself stressing out way more than I normally do the other night, so I drew a bath with extra hot water and peach bath salts, grabbed leftover Chinese food, lit some candles, and just soaked it all in (literally). I moisturized with yummy-smelling body wash and gave myself time to chill out from the stressful work week. I also find that an essential oil diffuser works wonders on relieving stress right before bed, as well as an essential oil roll-on for your wrists and temples.
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Allow time for yourself when you need it. And yes, I mean you, by yourself, alone. Rewatch your favorite episode of Friends for the millionth time. Throw on an old t-shirt and totally reorganize your closet. Blast music and dance around like no one's watching. Revel in being in the presence of just you and relax, and don't let anyone fool you into thinking that spending time alone is selfish. I know FOMO can creep in, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, but I never regret snuggling up in my pajamas with some Netflix and leftovers from the day before.
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It is okay to cry. Sometimes I worry that crying is a sign of weakness, or even some fatal flaw in me. But as I grow older, I'm realizing more and more that there's nothing wrong with having a good, long cry. In fact, studies have shown it's healthy and can even release toxins from your body. If you need someone as a shoulder to cry on, grab your closest friend and a box of tissues and let the tears flow. I can promise you'll feel at least a little bit better, and your bond with that friend will not doubt grow stronger.
Remember that if your sadness and anxiety persist beyond the holidays, it might be helpful to talk to a trusted friend about it or a health care professional, if you feel comfortable enough. You are not alone in this! ❤️

Do you have any self-care tips you want to share with Social Sunday? Let us know in the comments.


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