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Indulge in These Delicious Beauty Finds for National Cherry Pie Day

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February is the month of love, known best for Valentine's Day, but there's another day that's just as sweet–the 20th is National Cherry Pie Day! We at Social Sunday believe in the art of treating yourself because babe, you deserve it. You work hard, and you should buy that extra little something every once in a while. No matter your relationship status, these seven beauty finds are sure to satisfy any woman's sweet tooth. Keep reading for delicious red and pink-tinted Sephora products that are calling your name!
(photo from Sephora)
This HAD to be first, simply because the name says it all–it's perfect for National Cherry Pie Day! Urban Decay's Naked palettes are famous, and for good reason. They always have unbelievable pigments and timeless shades, and with this cherry-tinted selection, you get that extra little pop of color you've been craving (or a LOTapply as you see fit!). Pinks and reds can be worn any time of the year, but February is the ultimate excuse to do them as much as you want. Yum!
(photo from Sephora)
The color isn't as much of a statement as classic red is, but when you actually see it on, it'll be your new favorite lip product. Fenty has been making headlines recently, as Rihanna isn't holding anything back for her beauty brand (thank goodness for us!). The Gloss Bomb Luminizer delivers maximum shine, is small enough to fit in any purse or bag, and won't break the bank at $18 a pop. 
(photo from Sephora)
You already know I'm going to be gushing about anything Anastasia. How can I not be?! The loose glitter in the shade Blazing Sunset can spice up any look. You can gently mix it in with your favorite eyeshadow, and it's even metallic enough to be worn on its own! Trust me, this $15 case has enough to last you a lifetime of sparkle.
(photo from Sephora)
Color me happy! If you've been searching for the perfect blush, you've found it–and you've got six gorgeous shades to choose from. You can settle on a classic for everyday use, or mix-and-match for a look that's all your own. The best part about this palette is it's soft and blendable, so it won't look cakey and fits seamlessly into any beauty routine. Yes, please.
 (photo from Sephora)
Yes, this is the second highlighter on the list, because they have become my ultimate obsession. Seriously, ANYONE can rock it! Sometimes all you need is the right shade of pale pink to finish a look, and with Ciaté's star-studded formula, your face will have a soft glow you won't find just anywhere. It's lightweight and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, so you know your skin isn't being polluted with harsh chemicals.
(photo from Sephora)
You can't go wrong going back to the basics. This brush set (which is only marketed for $20, hint hint) gives you everything you need to perfect your eye makeup, from eyeliner to eyeshadow, and it even comes with a gold case to keep your trusty tools safe and dirt-free. That reminds me–ALWAYS WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP AT NIGHT! You'll thank me later...and your skin will, too.
   (photo from Sephora)
Tarte's "Rainforest of the Sea" lip products come in a satin or shimmer shine, and with 24 products total, your every mood is covered! The ocean and mermaid-themed lines are one-of-a-kind. With a creamy, moisturizing formula and rich pigments, your lips will be feeling the love during the all-day wear–not to mention the marble casing is totally gorgeous.
Have any delectable makeup products to share with us? Tell us about 'em in the comments!


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