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The Maine has grown up. For starters, their music has come a long way, both sonically and lyrically, since their debut in 2007 with self-released EP Stay Up, Get Down. Also, the five boys (Kennedy Brock, Pat Kirch, Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelsen, and John O’Callaghan) were decked out in matching white suits. That's right: shirtless and sweaty John is no longer.
The show was unique in that the band played two separate albums in full, Lovely Little Lonely (2017) and American Candy (2015). Despite this being the "Modern Nostalgia" tour, none of the band's nostalgic mid-2000s hits were played...not that the crowd seemed to mind. 
The set started with Lovely Little Lonely, beginning with "Don't Come Down" (which also happens to be the band's most popular song on Spotify right now).  At any Maine show, you can guarantee that 90% of the audience will know every single word to every single song. Just seconds into the first song, I knew this would be the case with this show, as well. A highlight for me was hearing "Taxi" live, which is one of my favorite songs from the past few albums. The songs from the first album flew by, and I couldn't believe it was already time for a little intermission after "How Do You Feel" ended. 
After a short break, the band reemerged onto the stage with just as much energy as they had when they began, jumping into "Miles Away," this time in blue suits. Yes, this concert included a costume change. Who would've ever thought we'd see this from The Maine? Just like the first half of the set, this half flew by. 
The final song was “Another Night on Mars” and for the very last acapella part, all of the boys came up to the front of the stage to (adorably) sing together and let the audience scream-sing out the last bit of lyrics.
The Earthlings crawl from bar to bar
Ignoring shooting stars
And grinding all the gears
The atmosphere here on Mars
Oh lord it's quite bizarre
And will remain this way for years and years and years
What's another night on Mars?
With friends like ours
Anywhere is home...
After the show, the band members hung out inside the venue to meet fans—for free! This is a tradition the band has had since the very beginning, and it's amazing to see that they keep doing it even as they gain more fans and continue to grow as a band.
Overall, the show was amazing. The band members always give their 110% and look like they genuinely enjoy taking the stage, which makes it that much better to watch them. Whether you're a new or old fan of The Maine, I'd definitely recommend going to see this show if you have the chance.
  Go see (and meet) The Maine on the remaining dates of the Modern Nostalgia tour. Dates here.


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