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I met Chelsea the way I meet many people these days: through the Internet (tumblr, in this case). She had just moved to NYC and was in search of other fashion bloggers. After we were able to confirm that neither one of us was catfishing, we met up and formed a beautiful friendship based on our love of fashion, music (she's an aspiring musician!), and cocktails. She also wears the highest platforms out of anyone I know. Now, a little over a year later, she's moved to Minnesota and has begun to make a name for herself in the fashion world there.

SOCIAL DECAY: You moved around a lot growing up, right? How did that affect you, and what was your favorite place that you lived?

CHELSEA IVAN: Yeah, my Dad was in the army so I moved about once every two years. I hated moving back then, but now I'm grateful to have been able to experience so many cool places and meet so many different kinds of people. It made me pretty adaptable and now I get bored if I stay in one place too long. I loved living in Heidelberg, Germany the most and consider it my hometown. It is the most beautiful old city with incredible sights, food, and culture.

SD: And now you moved from NYC to Minnesota and that's a massive change. What's your favorite thing about Minnesota?

CI: I miss NYC a TON of course... nothing can really compare to my time in the East Village. But Minneapolis is filled with creative and welcoming people and I am having a great experience here so far, making friends and becoming a part of the local community.

SD: What is the fashion scene like there?

CI:  I was not sure what to expect, having never been to the midwest before. But I had been very impressed. There's a good bit of hipster style, some classic feminine, some stellar vintage. There are so many trendy and underground vintage shops where you can score all kinds of unique pieces. They do fashion week here in the spring and fall showcasing local designers who are all very talented. There are so many passionate people in the area that I hope to meet and connect with.

SD: Who are your biggest style influences?

CI:  Yeha Leung, Rihanna, Kim Dixi, Joanna Kutcha, Leandra Medine, Lady Gaga, Grimes.... there's too many. Is it bad if I say myself?

SD: What was the inspiration for your two tone hair...and how do you keep up with it!?

CI: Melanie Martinez! She's incredible and I love her music and her personal style. She truly speaks to me. I get it done by Daniel at Red Jungle Salon here in Minneapolis. He’s the best!

SD: What designers would be in your dream wardrobe?

CI: Alexander McQueen, Mui Mui, Commes des Garcons, Creepyyeha, Dries Van Noten, Yves Saint Laurent, and of course Chanel. This list could go on for pages so I should better stop while I’m ahead. My “dream wardrobe” would be a massive archive of high fashion pieces mixed with clearance bin and thrift shop steals.

SD: What are your summer must haves? In MN and elsewhere!

CI: Chunky sandals, crop tops, and a million pairs of $10 shades for every occasion. Also a glowly sunscreen at the highest SPF possible to protect my vampire baby skin.

SD: What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?
CI: I bought a painting on craigslist in Virginia of a very ghost-like baby in an ornate golden frame. It's currently hanging over my bed surrounded by two voodoo dolls I picked up in New Orleans. I named it Creepy Baby and realized that that's the perfect name for myself/blog/music persona. It's the perfect mix between goth and bubblegum and that sums up my style and personality to perfection.

Follow Chelsea on Instagram @creepy__baby and check out her blog

Photos by Mikki Coleman


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