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Check Out These NYC Thrift Shops to Stay Sustainable and Stylish

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Let’s face it: fashion is EXHAUSTING! Chasing trends can be tiresome for both us and the planet, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Thrifting is an amazing alternative to fast fashion. Not only does it reduce fashion waste, but you can get your hands on some rare pieces for low prices. If you live in NYC or happen to be visiting, you’re in luck! Tons of great thrift stores call this city home. Here are the five thrift shops you have to visit.
1. No Relation Vintage
No Relation is the shop I visit the most because of its location and size. Located in East Village, the store is only a few blocks from Washington Square Park. I’ve had tons of hangouts where my friends and I walked around the park, ate some pizza nearby, and then went thrifting at No Relation. The store has two levels, so you can imagine how diverse their selection is. (P.S. This place is Hawaiian shirt and denim galore!)
2. AuH2O
AuH2O is a cute little spot you would think was a high-end boutique. The items are curated by owner Kate Goldwater and her stylish team. Since everything’s handpicked, the items are in pretty good condition and super organized (by color, too!). Oh, and nothing is over $25!
3. Urban Jungle
This place is HUGE. Back when I would be at Social Sunday's Brooklyn office to help package orders (maybe even yours), I always made sure to hit Urban Jungle after work. There are so many graphic tees here, which I love to thrift. Worn t-shirts have a buttery, soft feel to them that makes them so comfortable.
   4. Cure Thrift Shop
Cure makes it clear that their proceeds go towards Type I diabetes and advocacy, and I'm all for transparency among businesses. If you're looking for unique home decor pieces or little trinkets, this is the spot. I always come across some sick ceramic pieces here, so check those out!
5. Beacon's Closet
There are four Beacon's Closets in NYC, three in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, so Beacon's won't be hard to come by. They're items are a bit more expensive than your average thrift store goods, but they come in great condition and great brands. There are definitely some designer gems here.
What are your favorite thrift stores? Let us know in the comments!


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