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We love teaming up with boutiques who sell our product to host pop up shops and fun events. This weekend, we'll be at Brightside Boutique in Baltimore for a pop up shop complete with Baltimore themed tees ANDDD local pizza & beer!  What more could you ask for!? We'll kick off Friday at 5PM, and we'll be around all day on Saturday. We chatted with Christie of Brightside to learn more about her, the shop, and the event.
SOCIAL DECAY: What's the history behind Brightside?
CHRISTIE GRIFFITHS: It was started in late 2012. Originally it started as boutique and tattoo shop, but after out-growing both we decided to separate. We are still in the same area, both doing great! Our first year of opening we won "Best New Boutique" in Baltimore Magazine. Our second year we won "Best Women's Clothing".  After 2.5 years of opening our first location, I decided to open a second location.  We are going into 5 years now! 
SD: Can you tell us about what you do there?
CG: I wear a ton of different hats here at Brightside. I do all the buying, merchandising, photos, website, styling, event planning, social media, steaming, customer service.... I literally do it all. With the help of an incredible team! 
SD: Which graphic of ours is your favorite?
CG: I am obsessed with this brand, and so are my customers!  My favorite is Support Your Local Girl Gang!  It is very important to have girlfriends in your life.  It puts a lot of things in perspective.  I personally support all my local girl gangs, and love every minute I get hanging out with them! 
SD: What are your three favorite pieces your shop carries right now?
CG: 1. Social Decay's "Red White & Brews" tee! Perfect for the summer! SHOP HERE
2. Our Free People lace-up cami! It is actually the most flattering tank ever! SHOP HERE
3. Our newest Baltimore Prints from local artist- Anchor Point. It is the cutest print to hang in any room in your house! SHOP HERE
SD: What inspired you to team up with us to create a little Baltimore-specific Social Decay collection?
CG: I was at a trade show looking at their new line, and there were a lot of Brooklyn-specific tees. I loved the tees, but knew that it would be a struggle for us to sell in Baltimore. I took a look at their collection, and thought of ways we could change these designs around. After going back and forth with the design team we came up with these adorable new styles! We can't wait to offer Baltimore these fun styles! 
SD: What should everyone expect from the event this weekend?
CG: Locally, we are so excited and proud of these tees! We partnered with our favorite local brewery, Union Brewery, and pizza place, &Pizza! We are just happy to bring something cool to Baltimore, so this event is about having fun. 


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