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Honor Your Friends This Valentine’s Day By Spreading The BFF Love

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Many of the most important relationships in our lives are often not romantic ones.  They are with the people in our lives that we can share anything with free of judgement, the people that answer our 3AM phone calls, and the people who stick by us through thick and thin. That's right, we're talking about our BFF's. In our busy day-to-day lives, chances are we do not spend nearly enough time letting our ride or dies know just how much they mean to us and we'd like to start a petition to make Galentine's Day a national holiday.

While historically V-Day may seem like it's reserved for those who are coupled up, at least in more recent cases (the holidays origin story is gorier than you would expect), more and more we are celebrating all the people in our lives that we love. So, what better way to have a sweet Valentine’s Day than by using the holiday as an invitation to celebrate our best friends. These are the people in our lives that, let’s be honest, deserve recognition every day, but that we might not have the time to honor on a regular basis. Valentine’s Day allows us to carve out a space in our lives to plan a night out (or a night in!), send a thoughtful card or gift, or write a BFF love poem to your bestie or your furry best friend (pets count too!).
Plan a Night In (or Out!)
Know that your BFF has been feeling super stressed out lately? Why not invite them to a restorative yoga class or guided meditation with you and a few other friends or make it a friend date for just the two of you. Perhaps your best bud loves a good Netflix bing instead? In this case, you can plan a night focused on watching their favorite movies coupled with a selection of their most-loved snacks. The key here, is to be thoughtful in your planning, and make sure your friend knows you coordinated the night with them in mind.
Send a Thoughtful Card or Gift
If you are unable to have an in person hang out, sending a card or gift is a great way to celebrate. While your typical selection of V-Day gifts can sometimes feel cheesy, they seem to lose this aspect a bit when given between friends. Sending a kitschy Valentine’s Day card complete with a note letting your BFF know how much you appreciate them can be very impactful. If cards are not your thing, we love the idea of sending an educational/inspirational gift like this Woman Card playing deck or our new Girl Gang 2.0 graphic.
Write a Poem
You do not have to be a seasoned writer to write a Valentine's Day poem addressed to your BFF. Valentine's poems were made to be cute and rhyme so just have fun with it and go for it! This is a truly unique gift and while it may not be your best work ever, it is the thought that counts.
Call Your Friends
This might seem obvious, but these days with the utilization of social media and our tendency to text we probably don’t pick up the phone to call our friends very often. An unexpected phone date lets our BFF’s know we are thinking of them and allows us to catch up on each other lives in a way that can more be more genuine than a text.

How do you honor your BFF? Let us know in the comments!


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