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This Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist Celebrates a Different Kind of Love

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So Valentine’s Day is in two days—and you’re still single. Before you start picturing yourself ripping up teddy bears and stomping on roses (we've all done it), transform all that angst into a good vibes music-listening sesh! Valentine’s Day is a day of lovenot just for a bae, but yourself too!
In this day and age where social media can set a lot of negative standards for people, loving yourself can be the hardest things to do. This Valentine’s Day, remind yourself that you’re B.O.M.B. and killing the game whether you're coupled up or not. Here’s an “anti”-Valentine’s Day playlist featuring some of the most talented women (please do yourself a favor and check out Tierra Whack) singing about self-worth and being you, to hype yourself up and make the the day a little less stressful:


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