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4 Affordable Warm Destinations To Escape To This Winter

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To anyone enjoying February in warmer climates winter may seem magical, beautiful, and maybe even peaceful, but to those who actually have to exist in it every day, it’s can be a struggle. Commuting throw snow, wearing layers and layers of heat-tech under your *real* outfit, and somehow managing to get outside every once in a while, is no easy task. Gone are the days you’re sitting at work daydreaming about sunlight, tanning, and wearing something that doesn’t cover every inch of your skin. Pack your bikinis and short shorts because we’ve got some warm places to get to, and you won’t have to go broke for this! Here are four affordable winter escapes that you can book today. 


Social Sunday Affordable Warm Places To Escape To This Winter

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First on our list, Colombia. Colombia is a country in South America with many different areas from part of the Amazon Rainforest to the Pacific and Carribean Oceans. If you understand a little bit of Spanish, don't need a fancy hotel, and are in desperate need of a few extra freckles on your face, this is the place for you. Cartegena, Bogotá, Medellin, and Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona are some of the most popular places for visitors. All different experiences, but none will remind you of the ice you almost slipped on while walking to work back home. Looking for a tropical beach getaway? Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona is perfect. Check out THIS affordable Airbnb right on the beach. $26 a night with a strong WiFi connection? Our kind of mood. Want to experience more culture, arts, food, and unique shopping? Bogotá is where it's at. Check out this cute 70’s inspired home which could be your for $44 a night. Did we mention there's a fireplace? Best part, a flight to Colombia can be as cheap as $300. So request a weekend off from work, skip happy hour with the crew, and book a trip with the girls. We know you won’t regret it. We’ll only regret not tagging along.

South Florida

Social Sunday Affordable Warm Places To Escape To This Winter

Photo: Unsplash

So you don’t like flying over big bodies of water? You don’t know any other languages, and you’re trying to stay on the east coast? We got you. Florida is known for its beaches, oranges, and of course, Disney World. If you’re not into theme parks, tourists with cameras, or crowded highways, then South Florida is the place to be whether you're more St. Pete Beach or Miami. Looking to have a smaller community feel, really get to know the locals? St. Pete Beach has it all from thrift stores, mom and pop shops, less crowded beaches, and gardens. Plus it’s only 30 minutes away from Tampa night life! Stay at Casa Del Jardin for a cozy night in. If you’re more of the adventure type, Miami will suit you just fine. From renting jet skis, parasailing over South Beach, to paddleboarding on a quiet Sunday morning, you won’t be bored one bit. Stay at this CONDO and you'll even get your own pool. Flights to Florida from NYC can range from $150 on a good day, to $220. You’ll for sure forget what 25 degrees feels like in a heartbeat. 

Las Vegas, NV 

Social Sunday Affordable Warm Places To Escape To This Winter

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Next up, is Vegas baby! This is for the people who love to get dressed up, be entertained, go out, and sleep in so they can order room service and eat waffles in bed. You can generally swing a flight to Las Vegas for under $400 and the city will always promise you a good (warm) time. Stay at this luxurious condo for only $67 a night and lay out by the pool before a night out on the town. From shopping and shows, to great dining and dance clubs, Vegas will make you feel like you’ve been transported to EDC. If you've had enough of the scene on The Strip, take a hike in the Red Rock Canyon National Park for some fresh air. Not one to break a sweat? No worries, you can actually book a helicopter to fly over the Grand Canyon. Um, talk about the most amazing potential Instagram opp. Just remember to credit us for the idea!  

Mexico City, Mexico

Social Sunday Affordable Warm Places To Escape To This Winter

Photo: Unsplash

Last but most certainly not least is Mexico City. Time to brush up on your Spanish, bust out the crop tops, and pack the sunblock. Mexico can’t wait one more second. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico (go figure) and is known for its many attractions like the Historic Center, Museo Nacional de Antropología, Bosque de Chapultepec, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the Chapultepec Forrest. Flights to Mexico City at the time of publication are at a ridiculous $157 and up so you better grab them fast. Stay in this cute and 100% instagramable home for just $41 a night. Right in the heart of La Roma, the art district you’re sure to be surrounded by culture, music, food, and people to make your trip that much more amazing. Looking for an authentic Mexican cup of coffee? Stop by the Café Villarías, you won’t be spending more than $2 on a strong cup of joe. Or are you wanting to bring back a gift for your friends and family? Shop at the La Ciudadela flea market for hand made crafts. Mexico City has something for everyone, and once you’re there you won’t want to come back.  

After reading about these warm places and seeing just how affordable escaping the winter blues can be, you have no excuse. Skip buying a new outfit for happy hour, eating that over-priced salad at your desk, or the $6 latte you get before work every morning and save for the trip you deserve. Get your dry skin, chapped lips, and bones into some daylight and bring a friend while you’re at it. We promise you’ll have the time of your life and you’ll have plenty of pictures to prove it.

If you happen to visit or have visited any of these destinations, let us know in the comments below! Where are you guys planning on traveling to next?


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