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It's exciting to chat with a band as they're just starting out and coming into their own. A Light Winter just got signed, and soon after released their first single and accompanying music video, "Magnolia." We talked to frontman Stephen Distante about the song and what's to come for the band.

SOCIAL DECAY: Being a brand new band, how are you staying motivated in trying to "make it"?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: Our motivation comes from having passion for creating and playing music that has significance to us, the drive to perform it for other people and hope that they can relate and feel like they’re not alone in the world.

SOCIAL DECAY: Can you tell us about the label you just got signed to?
STEPHEN DISTANTE:  We were given an amazing opportunity to work with Downport Records on releasing our first single and upcoming 7 track EP. They have three amazing bands on it at the moment including, Bear success, Crash The Calm, and Hold Fast Hope. We’re excited to be on a label with our friends and bands that we really look up too as songwriters.

SOCIAL DECAY: What do you hope your debut single will accomplish?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: We hope that Magnolia will be an explosive introduction to us and our sound, its a good example of the content we write about and our style so far

SOCIAL DECAY: What's the story behind the music video?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: The music video is about trying to continue pursuing a connection with a person after so much pain was experienced in the past, chasing after that trust and love that we all come to want at times despite the same emotions having hurt us so terribly before.

SOCIAL DECAY: Are you nervous to release your album? Do you get really caught up in what people think?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: I try not to focus on what others will think,
but honestly very much so. We make music that we enjoy and feel expresses what we've been through, with as little thought about receptivity and accessibility as possible, but i think with putting yourself out there for anything it is nerve wracking

SOCIAL DECAY: Who are your influences as a band?
STEPHEN DISTANTE:  La Dispute, Say Anything, Touche Amore, Hotel Books, Brand New, Explosions In The Sky, The Sound Of Animals Fighting.

SOCIAL DECAY: Goals for 2017?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: Play music, write music, eat halal, try to love life

SOCIAL DECAY: What are you most excited about right now?
STEPHEN DISTANTE: Dark Souls 3 just released its last DLC, so probably that. Other than that, showing people what we have created and hopefully becoming an accepted part of the wonderful music community on LI and beyond.

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