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Anna-Liisa Benston is making a name for herself in the saturated field of Bushwick-based artists. With a background in fine arts, Benston has been perfecting her craft for years, as well as branching out into fashion design. With her bad-ass attitude and feminist beliefs, Benston's best creations for sale are girl-power themed. Here, we speak to her about her work, experience, and influences. 
 How'd you come up with the name FAMOUSONMARS?
ANNA-LIISA BENSTON: I was looking at my IG one day, at that time it was @ajbenston, and I never really liked it. I'm not sure when or how the thought got into my mind, but it stems from the phrase "I'm big in Japan". It's a play on that concept and a bit tongue in cheek since my work is always looking to the future. 
SD: Did you study art and design, or are you self taught?
AB: I studied painting and received my BFA from Pratt Institute. May, 2016, I received my MFA in Fine Arts from SVA. I never studied fashion, but it's always been important to me. So in regards to design - I am self taught. 
 SD: How does living in Brooklyn affect and inspire your work?
AB: Brooklyn is a constant source of inspiration. I've been fortunate enough to find conscious and creative friends who always inform and inspire my work. I believe it is this environment that powers a lot of what I make. I am very fortunate to have such a support system: a group of people I trust. 
SD: Who are your influences as a designer and artist?
AB: My work acts as a wearable arts installation so I take into account the visual as a whole: light, texture, and tone. I think about artists like James Turrell and the variety of ways you can use light. Judy Chicago as a badass feminist art, object and environment creator. I approach projects and pieces much like painting, sculpture, and curation so a lot of it can act unconsciously. For instance, I only realized while chatting with folks in my space during Basel that my grandmother's aesthetics is a large force. Specifically the dusty rose/ rose gold I love so much - it is very much her palette. A color I grew up seeing constantly. 
SD: What's your favorite thing in your shop right now?
AB: The "Future = Female" Satin Bomber 
SD: Do you have a preference between fashion and fine arts?
AB: I'm actively collapsing the walls between them by creating wearable art objects. Fashion and fine arts are equally important. 
Follow Anna-Liisa on Instagram @famousonmars and check out to see more artwork and shop!


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