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Debbie Harry, front woman of Blondie, rocked some of the most important black blonde locks of the 70s. She was a pioneer for women of punk with her iconic platinum hair and overall style. She exuded sex appeal just as much as she oozed rock 'n' roll. 
Born in Florida and raised in New Jersey, Harry grew up singing in a church. After two years of college, she headed to New York City to purse a different kind of music. She met guitarist Chris Stein, and they went on to eventually create Blondie as we know it. They played at some of the most iconic New York City clubs, and Harry paved the way for future punk rock bad bitches. 
With a talent for making Barbie pink outfits look badass, she sported magenta dresses and pastel pink tees...while still looking like she could kick your ass. She often wore tight fitted graphic tees braless. No bra, no problem! Not to mention, she and rock goddess Joan Jett were (and still are) good pals. Talk about a dynamic duo of bad bitches. No stranger to taking fashion risks, Harry dabbled in trends like high necklines, denim on denim, slip dresses, and a variety of sunglass shapes. 
Debbie Harry is now 70 years old and still kicking it, sporting her platinum blonde hair and throwing her middle fingers up. She was an inspiration to women in the 70s, and continues to be an inspiration now. 


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