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Andrea Ramirez, AKA Feral Belle, is a social media strategist and fashion stylist living and working in Southern California, mostly in San Diego and Los Angeles. She is grateful for her life and the beauty that Cali has to offer. Thriving on creating and collaborating with others, Andrea creates magic with clothing. 
How'd you come up with "Feral Belle"?
ANDREA RAMIREZ: I kinda lucked out in the social media name game because not too much thought went into it. "Belle”, which I have tattooed on my right wrist, is my dog’s name (literally the love of my life and me in majestic animal form). I named her Belle because I’m from New Orleans and it’s the word we used for “lady." I like to think of myself as a southern Belle but I’m domestically challenged! The literal meaning of “feral” is being in a wild state, especially after captivity or domestication. So, there you have it...Feral Belle!
SD: Do you split your time between San Diego and Los Angeles? Which city do you like better?
AR: My home base is San Diego, I go to LA for work and the occasional photoshoot but mostly to pull samples/buy from showrooms. I love LA: the vibes, the hunger, the filth, the glitter. But, that city can act like a supernova and suck you right in if you’re not careful. I like the slower pace of San Diego but I will admit that doing my job/fulfilling my ambitions in the fashion industry are much more difficult there!
SD: What's your favorite part of living on the West Coast?
AR: Oh man, what is there not to love! I literally drive to work on the coast every morning and still look out and think to myself, “You’re a lucky little bitch!” The weather, the vibes, the opportunities...big "but" though - I’m a southern girl at heart. My heart belongs to New Orleans and I believe that one day, after I make a name for myself out here, I will go back home!
SD: Your photos have so many awesome backdrops in California. What's your go-to spot for photoshoots?
AR: Thanks for the compliment! Honestly, it just really depends on how the photographer and I mesh and what we come up with creatively. That’s essentially why I love doing this whole “fashion blogger” thing, it’s all about meeting and vibing with delicious and creative humans and capturing those magical connections! My favorite photoshoot, if we’re strictly speaking geography, was by far Joshua Tree. I love the grittiness and the extremes of deserts. The color palette inspire me, I love a dreamy vintage natural kinda image!
SD: As a stylist, who are your biggest influences and inspirations?
AR: I’m inspired by  girl bosses, chicks who work their asses off to get to where they wanna go. Patient, hungry, ball busting women. That’s why I am so attracted to the Social Decay lifestyle and the ladies behind the brand! As far as influences go, Sophia Amoruso seriously does something for me! I literally have a blog post about her success before Nasty Gal became what it has become. Also, I’m super attracted to and inspired by Pam and Gela, the designers behind the Juicy brand. I’m currently reading an autographed copy of their book, “The Glitter Plan”, that was gifted to me by the company for being the first #ImNotSorry blogger!
SD: Do you have any big styling projects in the works for the near future?!
AR: I style some pretty amazing and prominent women in SoCal. Each week is different and super exciting and fulfilling! I will soon be one of the stylists for Fox 5 news here in SD which I’m super jazzed about! I will be going on a week long road trip to Marfa, Texas with a couple of my fellow bloggers being represented by some pretty amazing brands! There a couple of Spring/Summer lookbooks that I modeled for coming out soon as well!
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