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While touring throughout the United States, Jessica Dye She's staying humble, grateful, and fabulous. She's the front woman (guitar & vocals) of High Waisted, a relatively new band on the scene. They describe themselves as "a NYC based surf band with pop sensibilities and an affliction for rock and roll." With pastel hair and party dresses, Jess is making a name for herself and her band. She's got a "good girls are bad girls who don't get caught" mentality and she pours her heart out on the stage, unafraid to be vulnerable. High Waisted's record, On Ludlow, will be out on March 4th, and if you're in New York, their record release party will be on the 3rd at the Mercury Lounge. 


SOCIAL DECAY: Who are your rock 'n' roll idols? 

JESS DYE: Patti Smith, Link Wray, Joan Jett

SD: What's your favorite part of being a front woman?

JD: Being a cheerleader and motivator to my bandmates is the best part of being a band leader.  I get to make music with my best friends, if they don't feel comfortable it's my job to encourage them. We're a family and everyone takes care of each other. It's also the way I take out my stress and negativity. When I sing songs about moments in my life that were difficult or hurt me, to a crowded room, I feel so vulnerable. That's my therapy. I work my problems out with my heart ripped open in front of strangers. 

SD: What are the best and worst parts of touring?

JD: Best: Making new friends. Thrift store shopping. Gas station snacks. Choosing the music on long drives. Catching up on reading. Tinder in small towns. Dry shampoo. Eating all the fried food I want. Playing dress up every night. Getting to perform daily to new people and try out wacky dance moves. 

Worst: Never being able to bring my entire wardrobe. Sneaking in naps everywhere. Bruises from lifting gear. Eating all the fried food I shouldn't. 

SD: How does New York City influence your music? It seems like there's a lot of inspiration coming from the Lower East Side.

JD: My bandmates and I met in the Lower East Side kicking around Ludlow Street. Hence the record title. I spent a lot of lonely time wandering the LES composing this record before I had the courage and right best friends to make it with. It's 100% NYC born and raised. 

SD: Your LP is coming out soon!!! What can everyone expect from it?

JD: Lots of up beat, shake your hair, sway your hips, sing along in the car tunes. It's not a record to be taken too seriously.  I want listeners use it as wallpaper at parties, cuz rock 'n' roll is meant to be fun. It's also a record for female empowerment, because I truly believe good girls are bad girls who don't get caught! 

SD: How does it feel to be set to headline at the iconic Mercury Lounge for your LP release party? 

JD: Pinch me. This is a dream right? 


Preorder On Ludlow here and get tickets for the release party here


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