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This incredibly beautiful 21 year old has a unique look in the NYC modeling scene. She goes by Queenie. Her features are thanks to her Chinese, Japanese, and German roots, and her tattoos are just the icing on the cake. On top of modeling for International publications (and Social Decay!) she is a sophomore at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, studying interior design and architecture.  She also draws tattoo designs and paints. It's a life of creative expression for this babe!
SOCIAL DECAY: How long have you been modeling for, and how did you get into it?
QUEENIE: I started modeling when I was 16, it was a magazine shoot for TONI&GUY. Me and my mom were shopping at the mall and this girl just kept looking at me and when we were paying she came talked to me. She was a model and her boyfriend was a stylist for TONI&GUY, and she wanted me to model with her for this shoot.
SD: What's the coolest modeling project you've worked on to date?
Q: The most excited projects were the shoots for Marie Claire Mexico and VICE China. The Marie Claire shoot was about tattooed girls in New York which we did in BangBang. The shoot for VICE China was basically about how people with tattoos (especially girls) are still normal people; because a lot of Asians still think people with tattoos are sketchy or they are doing something bad. I was excited about these shoots because I always wished I could do something for people who wants to get tattoos but are too afraid of other people’s judgment (parents) or how the society thinks about them.
SD: Your tattoos are beautiful! Which is your favorite?
Q: My favorite tattoo so far is an illustration I did of a painting done by my grandpa. The painting he did was my grandma sitting on the couch reading a book at the house I lived in when I was little. My grandma passed away 6 years ago. The illustration I did was the exact same position and angle of my grandma reading a book but it’s inside a human heart.
SD: You also go to SVA. What's that like?
Q: I’m in interior design & architecture and it’s crazy because we all basically lived in the studio. People just sleep in the studio for couple hours and then kept working. It happened so many times that I signed in to my building Friday night and signed out Monday morning and just no shower no sleep for days.

SD: Where do you draw inspiration from your art?
Q: People. I was in fine arts for 5 years and my family is all artists. I draw all kind of stuff for tattoo designs, but I only paint people, and I only paint in black and white. It’s easier for me because I have a color weakness (My mom is a color blind) so black and white colors are the easier to paint.
SD: What's your favorite medium to use when creating?
Q: Just simple micron pens. I use them for tattoo designs. I only draw tattoos with lines and dots for shadings so micron pens are my best friends. I love oil paintings too, because they take so long to get dry, so you can always make changes.
Keep a look out for Queenie in our Spring look book, and follow her on Instagram @quuez


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