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I've left the bitterly cold temperatures of New York City for an escape to California. It's been LITERALLY the coldest week that New York has had this year, so I couldn't have picked a better time to get away. I also thought it was the perfect time to debut one of our new spring graphics, Support Your Local Girl Gang!
Paired with a flannel and shorts, the shredder was a statement maker in Venice. It was my first time going to Venice Beach (and my first time going to any California beach in general) and I absolutely fell in love! The graffiti on the palm trees and the street performers made it feel like a mini New York City...except warmer and on the Pacific Ocean. We watched skateboarders in the skate park, listened to people playing music, and ate amazing breakfast burritos.
We rented beach bikes from a little shop and we rode up the coast from Venice to Santa Monica to Pacific Palisades and then back down to Venice. Santa Monica pier was awesome...there was SO much going on. I didn't go on the roller coaster though, 'cause I'm a wimp. There were also amazing cliffs along the path that were equally awesome and scary to look at. It was such a beautiful and fun bike trail, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone living in California or visiting the area if you're down for a long bike ride down a scenic route. 
Look out for the Girl Gang shredder hitting our site and your local shops soon!


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