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Astrid Montalvo is a stylist and social media specialist based in sunny Southern California...with a dark wardrobe. She is a fashion and wardrobe stylist who also does social media marketing. One of her primary gigs is social media promotion for rock 'n' roll infused boutique, The Beat Clothing.  The shop carries fun, edgy apparel for rebellious west coast babes. They also happen to sell a bunch of our graphic tees, which are some of Astrid's favorite to use to style for shoots. If you live in SoCal, definitely go check out the rad boutique. If not, still keep tabs on Instagram for inspiration, and read our interview with Astrid below. 

SOCIAL DECAY: How did you get into social media marketing and fashion styling?

ASTRID MONTALVO: The way I got into Fashion Styling was actually starting as a Wardobe Stylist. Styling someone everyday to styling to promote are both fun ways to style. I love fashion and the wildness of it and shirts like the ones from Social Decay have become my go-to for myself and my clients. My favorite shirts from Social Decay are:  I'll stop wearing black when I find something darker, The creeps come out at night, & Give me coffee or my fangs come out. The Beat Clothing is my perfect little boutique. I get everything I need for my Rock-N-Roll babes. These long tanks with sayings are so effortless and cool. I do the Social Media for The Beat Clothing, Ragz Dressware and Blues & Shoes, so my creativity for fashion got even wider. I have taken random classes from Fashion Marketing to Social Media Today to Business Management to even Psychology. These 4 classes have been well applied to my Fashion Styling and Social Media Marketing. It's not easy work but promoting is key. I learned the eye for photography and psychologically how people will see a post. Variety and consistency is always where people lose it. My favorite posts are for The Beat Clothing because it's more my style and I'm able to bring in the Community with my Art. I start off with my personal page as an example to introduce the Boutiques.  Using Social Media is very important and it has become my Go-to for events, social gatherings, new designers, photographers, models, you name it. Coming together and helping each other grow will only help the public can see the collaborations and the amazing art we can create with clothes.

SD: Can you tell us more about The Beat?

AM:  The Beat Clothing is now owned by Megan Oborski and she is a visionary.  I love working for her and with her on new ideas to promote the stores and pass on our styling skills to all of our local ladies.  The Beat Clothing is part of a 3 chain boutique starting with Ragz Dressware a more fashion forward with dressy styles and then you have Blues & Shoes a California boho chic with gypsy bohemian looks. I personally love them all but The Beat Clothing is more about Music & Art.


SD: How does California culture impact your styling and consulting?

AM: Working in Carlsbad I experience clients from all over the world.  I love California girls the most. The California style is so different and chill but still cool. You can be Ms. Cool all year round. Our whether is never predictable so our fashion changes by the day. Men usually only need my help during the winter and fall seasons unless it's a concert and woman need my help all year round because their lives are too complicated as it is to think about what to wear. I am a Fashion Guru and what I say to wear goes. I need to be on top of my game at all times, so I am very thankful for shirts like Social Decay. They are forgiving but flattering. I wear them with just about anything in my closet.    

SD: What's your best general styling advice?

AM: My best general styling advice is be openminded and try something new. When shopping- think of 3 ways to wear a piece or else don't get it. Lastly, you are never too old to rock out.  


SD: What is your go to statement piece in your closet right now?

AM: My go to statement pieces in my closet right now are

1. Black tight distressed skinnies from Just USA
2. Give me Coffee or my Fangs come out tank in black of course.
3. Black Studded Leather Jacket from Comme
4. Rose Gold MK watch.


Follow @thebeatclothing on Instagram (and if you live in Cali, go shop in store!) & Astrid @askastrid89 



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