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Louis, Coco, and Sonny: Best Dressed Dogs on Instagram

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Today, we live in a world where dogs can be way more famous than your average human. Chances are, dogs like Marnie and Toast have literally more than 1 million Instagram followers than you do. These pups get to make celebrity appearances and have meet and greets with fans just like humans do. 

 Now, you've got to meet Louis, Coco, and Sonny. The three puppy siblings go by the Instagram handle @michcant and are headed to reaching 100,000 IG fans. These babies are arguably 3 of the best dressed dogs in the world, rocking everything from Adidas tracksuits, band tees, and Social Decay beanies! They are providing outfit inspiration for animals all over the world, and using their fame for good causes.

We spoke to Louis, Coco, and Sonny's momma to get the inside scoop on their fabulous lives.


SOCIAL DECAY: What is the meaning behind each of your little babies' names?

MICHCANT: Louis was named after the character in the Anne Rice novel Interview with a Vampire. Best known as portrayed by Brad Bitt in the movie with Tom Cruise. Most people assume he is named after Louis Vuitton ...pfft. LOL Coco is indeed named after Coco Chanel the milliner turned fashion design Goddess. And Sonny is named after Sonny Corleone, no explanation necessary. 

SD: What made you decide to make your dogs fashion superstars?

M: While I was deciding what career path to change to, I posted a picture of Coco on my personal Instagram page and she was "discovered" and I decided to take it a little further and the public encouraged me. People are so kind on Instagram.


SD: Any new pups to come any time soon?

M: Sonny is my new pup! Louis and Coco are 11 and 10 and Sonny will be 2 in the spring. 


SD: What's the coolest thing you've gotten to do with your dogs? 

M: We do so many cool things being @Barkbox dogs, we were involved with @sophiegamand and her #pitbullflowerpower rescue  and helped promote her wet dog book. We have spearheaded several fundraising campaigns  and we lead a group of dogs that support different causes monthly, such as @loveyourmelon etc... The biggest regret we have is being a few minutes too late on calling back Vogue the end of this summer when they called us to come shoot for them.  WAAAAA we are still crying over that,  #voguemodelcasting  is the hashtag where you can see what we missed. 

SD: How do they all pose and sit still so perfectly!? I'm dying to know because my dogs always  run away from the camera. 

M: This is the million dollar question haha if I knew I would start a pet photography business!  i really don't know, maybe because i have been taking their pictures since they were 12 weeks old and they are use to the constant machine in their face? Same with Sonny, he has just followed the other two and learned by example.

 SD: Which Social Decay design is everyone's favorite? 

M: Coco clearly loves her badbitch designs and anything PIZZA is her.  OK who are we kidding WE LOVE IT ALLLLLLLLLL! 


Be sure to follow Louis, Coco, and Sonny on Instagram @michcant for endless cuteness and great fashion. 

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  • Ginger Burkhardt: January 26, 2016

    wow ! You are something ! Proud of your accomplishment!

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