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Lindsay Reed of Fashion Deerstalker  is one of my favorite bloggers to follow on Instagram because not only is she SO cute, but she also always has the most fun poses and captions. She doesn't take herself to seriously, and it makes it all fun for her followers. With a background in fashion design, this girl's got major talent and style. Her blog captures the essence of mixing fast fashion and high fashion. Pairing H&M with Alexander Wang and Forever 21 with YSL, this girl knows how to make it all work.

SOCIAL DECAY: What was it like being a fashion design major at FIT? Cutthroat like Project Runway?

LINDSAY REED: It was very intense but inspiring and motivating. You are surrounded by the most talented people at all times and form amazing bonds with your classmates. When you stay up until 3 in the morning every night sewing your fingers off, you go a little crazy and learn to have fun under the most stressful situations.

SD: What's the most amazing thing that's happened to you since you've moved to NYC?

LR: Hard to pick! Every day something happens that makes me remember why I love this city so much. Probably the most exciting time is Fashion Week. September is always my favorite. A lot of people get caught up in the stress, but I make sure to enjoy every minute of it, from helping out backstage to viewing the collections piece by piece. 

SD: What's the key to looking effortlessly chic? (Because you always look effortlesly chic).

 LR: Aww, thank you! I tend to wear a lot of monochromatic and neutral colors (and black of course) and really focus on incorporating statement pieces into my wardrobe. Something that someone has to ask "Where did you get that!" 

SD: What pieces do you splurge on, and which do you save on?

LR: I splurge on accessories and shoes and tend to save on ready-to-wear. Trends change so quickly i don't think it makes sense dropping ridiculous amounts of money on clothing you know you will only be able to wear one season.

SD: What's your favorite NYC neighborhood and why? 

LR: I love Soho. It is just the epitome of all New York dreams. everyone there is so inspiring from their style to their attitude and it makes you feel like you are really in the coolest city EVER.


SD: What's next for Deerstalker?

 LR: The sky's the limit! I would love to be able to become a full time blogger, travel the world and start an e-commerce shop, 2016 is going to be the best year ever!


Check out Lindsay's blog here and follow her on Instagram @lindsayreednyc


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