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Many girls and guys grow up dreaming of being stylists for publications, celebrities, and the likes. However, not all of these hopefuls understand the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into the job of a stylist. Luckily, Ashley Hargrove of Texas has what it takes and she is killing the game. Her business, DTK Austin Styling, includes services from styling musicians, styling actors in advertisements, personal shopping, and closet clean outs. Sign me up! Plus, her site includes a blog where you can check out this beauty's personal style.


SOCIAL DECAY: You get to dabble in all sorts of things with your job, from personal shopping to photo shoot styling to blogging! Which is your favorite and why?

ASHLEY HARGROVE: I mainly work on commercial advertising projects these days and I have to say, those are probably my favorite! Not only do you get to see a project start from inspiration drawings on a piece of paper, you get to see an amazing finished project on TV or in a magazine that the entire US is going to witness! It's a really cool feeling! 

SD: What was the client that you were most excited to work for?

AH: Lyft was probably the coolest that I got to work on. They came to Austin for a SXSW activation last year that involved 9 lucky Lyft drivers and I was hired on to style them in character to match their specific badass cars. We had Bond in an R8, Audrey Hepburn in a vintage Bentley, Femme Fatale in a Ferrari, Blinged-out mom in a Range Rover, Tech Guy in a Tesla, Italian Job in a Mini Cooper, Red Rebel in a vintage Corvette, Surfer Dude in a '66 Continental and a Hillbilly in a '51 Chevy! (

SD: If you could style an editorial for any fashion magazine, which would it be?

AH: I would love to style a project for Elle! 

SD: If you could be anyone's personal stylist (alive or dead!) who would you choose to dress up? 

AH: Horrible timing, but I would love to work with David Bowie. He was not afraid of style or trying new things and really pushed fashion to the limits. 

SD: Would you ever want to move to New York or LA for your career, or is Texas where the heart is?

AH: I actually travel to LA quite a bit for work but my heart will always be in Texas! Thankfully, more commercial work is coming here so I don't have to travel as much! I think if the styling world in Austin was how it was 5-10 years ago, I would be forced to move if I wanted to continue my career as a stylist. 

SD: If you weren't a stylist, what would you be?

AH: Hmmm... good question!! I actually think about this all the time because I love finding new hobbies that I could potentially monetize. Surprisingly enough, I have my degree in architecture, so I would probably try and do something design oriented. Flipping houses is always a fun option! Blogging has actually been an amazing hobby for me that has practically turned into a budding career! I'm always ready for the next best thing. As long as I'm not tied down, I'm good to go! 


Check out Ashley's portfolio and blog here  and follow her on Instagram @dtkaustinShe's got some awesome projects to come!


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