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Posche by Kim D is a boutique in Allendale, NJ, owned by the infamous Kim DePaola of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo. The shop carries a wide array of fashions from high end designer pieces to lower priced, more fast-fashion pieces. The shop just started selling Social Decay, and to celebrate, they are holding a pop up shop and party at the store on Tuesday, December 15th. We chatted with Kayla, store manager and buyer, to learn more about Posche and get psyched for the event!
SOCIAL DECAY: What's your personal favorite part of Posche? 
KAYLA: What I love most about Posche is that we really do have something for everyone. We have awesome pieces for under $100 for those who love to be trendy but don't want to break the bank but then we have designer collections for those who love their labels. When you come shop with us you always leave with something whether its for you or someone else. 
SD: How did you end up working at Posche? 
K: So its funny. I started dating Kim's son about 3 years ago. I graduated from LIM College in NYC with a BBA in Fashion Merchandising. Once she found out I loved fashion just as much as her she wanted me to start working for her. It was perfect for the both of us. I wanted to do buying and she wanted to bring in inexpensive, trendy lines to Posche. So this past January I started working for her and doing buying. Its been awesome and we get along great. I love it.
SD:  Where do you guys pull inspiration for the boutique? 
K: Kim and I are both very into fashion, dressing up and keeping up with the latest trends. We have a very similar but different style so it works with buying for the store. We put both of our opinions together and look for pieces that are different. We are always online looking at what the celebs are wearing and what our customers want.
SD: What do you love most about Social Decay, and what's your favorite top from the collection? 
K: I love how different and witty the slogs are. They are unique, not the same graphics you always see and the women that shop with us LOVE different. My favorite top has to be the tank that says "Give Me Coffee or the fangs come out" us ladies at Posche MUST have our coffee every morning LOL. 
SD: What's gonna be going on at the pop up shop on the 15th?
K: We are SO excited for the pop up! We  are inviting our customers and friends to come enjoy shopping, music, and drinks as we introduce the new line to Posche. Our customers have been asking us to bring in a graphic tee line and we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for until we got in touch with Social Decay and we have gotten such a great response from just the few pieces we brought in so far. It is sure to be a good time and everyones looking forward to it. 


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