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Did you know that Kurt Cobain was actually a hard-core feminist? Yep, this angry, moody, guitar smashing grunge King was actually an extra sympathetic lover of women and advocate of women's rights. He even cross dressed (on more than one occasion) in interviews and on stage. Nothing like a grunge boy in a dress, am I right?
Despite Kurt's tough exterior, he had a firm set of values. He had a lot of compassion for others, and a soft spot for outcasts. He believed in equal rights, and not discriminating people based on gender, sexual orientation, or race. He even had his own set of commandments of sorts, outlined in his journals. 
So, besides being an amazing lyricist and musician with a solid set of values, there's no doubt that his style is iconic and is inspirational for many of us. His outfits were effortlessly cool. He layered a lot, not so much for warmth as to appear bulkier, since he was self conscious of his tiny frame. This meant layering ripped jeans over ripped jeans, and flannels galore. 
He made DIY band tee shirts (and liked to design Nirvana's band tees as well). Striped shirts were also one of his staples, as were big sunglasses. Additionally, he had no problem with mixing prints that wouldn't necessarly go together. Sometimes he wore his nails painted, with tons of chips, of course. He also experimented with dying his hair (Kool-Aid red, anyone?) and using fashion to make statements. For example, when there were rumors about Kurt dying in the hospital, she showed up on stage to the Reading festival in a hospital gown. 
Kurt's style is the epitome of punk rock and grunge fashion. It's all about not giving a shit, but still looking awesome despite questionable fashion combinations. He's certainly a style icon - for both guys and girls!

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  • Mariela: March 25, 2019

    To be a feminist doesnt mean to be “an extra sympathetic lover of women”. Educate urself before using words u dont know, obvi. And dresses are for both genders so u dont have to make a big deal when men wear them.

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