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Beer and fashion aren't necessarily 2 things that most people would consider to go hand in hand. However, Tiffany of the  Sort of Candid blends the two seamlessly for a blog unlike most of the others that are out there. Here at Social Decay, clothes and booze are two of our favorite things (naturally) so collabing with Tiffany was a match made in heaven. She blogs about craft beers, so she's your go to gal if you're looking to venture away from your usual Bud. Also, her blog is great inspiration for style on a budget in NYC!
SOCIAL DECAY: Fashion and beer is an unlikely combination for a blog theme. What made you choose those two things as a focus? 
SORT OF CANDID: When I decided to start a blog I spent hours thinking about what would work. Instead of trying to figure out what worked for other people, I chose what came to me naturally. Fashion and craft beer! I KNOW craft beer and I love style.. so the two together make sense.. To me at least LOL.
SD: What is your favorite beer of the moment?
SOC: Such a hard question! But right now I am digging 'I Love You With My Stout' by evil twin brewing.. It's 12% alcohol so watch out! But it's delicious and will keep you toasty this winter for sure. 
SD:  Other than beer, what's your favorite beverage?
SOC: Sprite haha I've been told by my fiancé that I have a subconscious need to ALWAYS order a Sprite everywhere we go eat.  
SD:  Your posts seamlessly combine beer and style. How does it come so naturally to you? (Or does it?)
SOC: I pair the style with the way the beer makes me feel after drinking some of it.. Or the whole bottle! However much it takes to get my inspiration going. If I'm in a good mood after it (which I usually am) I pair it with feel good clothes (skirts, dresses, cute too and skinny jeans with heels). If it's something that makes me want to curl up and watch a movie.. You'll see me post in my favorite loungewear cuddled up with my cat, Shiloh. I also base a lot off of the label and the name of the beer. I think it gives a visual aspect of what I do since my readers can't taste the beer in that very moment. I just hope to help people try new craft beer with the looks I put out there. 
SD: How do you manage to keep up an awesome wardrobe on a budget living in NYC?
 SOC: Samples sales, boutique stores and thrift shops will be your best friend in this city. I refuse to pay full price for anything! 
SD: Passions other than those expressed on your blog?
SOC: Animals! I love them. I also (creepily) love learning about insects. So strange I know but I started off college as a biology major so those things are my favorite.
Check out Sort of Candid  and follow Tiffany @sortofcandid!!


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