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8 Ways to Start Fresh This Spring

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There are a lot of reasons to appreciate the spring seasonwarmer weather, flowers beginning to bloom as the cold starts to recede, and longer and brighter days to name a few. Renewal is the theme of the season and my favorite part of this fresh feeling by far is the chance to start anew. Spring is a chance to shed our winter layers (both literally and figuratively) and use the shift of the seasons to get a jump start on setting our goals, planning a vacation, or simply getting outdoors and letting the fresh air motivate us in all we want to do.


1. Get outside
 This may seem obvious, but a little time spent outdoors is a great way to wipe the slate clean. We can all feel a little worse for wear after winter and this feeling can make us forget just how much good a bit of (warm) outdoor air can do for the soul. Visit your favorite outdoor destinationthis can be a quick trip to your local park, taking yourself on a long hike, or even just wandering around your neighborhood. Take a deep breath in and remember what it’s like to enjoy being outdoors. 

2. Plan a spring vacation

 Sometimes there is nothing like getting out of of town to help self-motivate. Either a short weekend trip or a more elaborate vacation can do the trick for this. Getting out of our comfort zones and immersing ourselves in a new place can do wonders for our mental health and inspire a new wave of creativity! If you’re near NYC, we recommend taking a weekend trip to Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms bloom. 

3. Set spring goals 
Many of us partake in a goal setting session at the start of the year, but I would argue that the spring time can be an even better time to outline your goals. Ending the work day while it’s still light out can help you feel more motivated than you did in previous months, and the same goes for how motivated we feel about our goals. Try setting one overall goal you'd like to accomplish and then making this goal more granular by listing smaller goals underneath this larger umbrella. 

4. Clean your space
We know you've heard this tip before, but it’s a consistent spring "to-do" for a reason, it feels phenomenal to cleanse your space. This cleanse can literally be a deep clean of your apartment or it can be an energetic cleanse. If you are aiming for the energetic route, I love the Aura Smudge from Heritage Store. It’s smoke-free and so refreshing.
5. Donate clothes  

 Doing a closet purge is a perfect way to give back to your community and make some space in your home. We all have pieces in our wardrobe that we surely do not need and there is always someone out there who may need that pair of jeans more than we do. Out Of The Closet is an amazing organization that accepts clothing donations and donates .96 cents of every dollar HIV/AIDS services. 


6. Treat yourself to a new outfit
Now that you have made some more room in your closet, feel free to treat yourself to a new outfit or two if you are craving a splurge. We can often forget just how great a wardrobe refresh can make us feel and this time of year is a good reminder that treating ourselves is okay! My pick would be our Brooklyn Rose pullover, which feels extremely seasonally appropriate.


7. Mix up your routine

  A change is season is a wonderful time to add something new to your routine. Starting a new habit, hobby or project can be difficult when it gets dark at 4pm, but when spring arrives there are suddenly more available hours in the day and it becomes much easier to add to our plate. Been meaning to journal more? Add this to your nightly bedtime routine and gift yourself a new journal to do it with. Want to add a workout to your routine? Getting up earlier is no way more doable when it’s not 30 degrees outside.

8. Get a plant or buy yourself flowers
Bring the season into your home by buying yourself flowers or a new succulent to care for. I am a terrible plant mom, so I typically go with flowers from Trader Joe's. They are a bright pick me up when I get home from work and really affordable! If you are more inclined to keep a plant alive and thriving than I am, buy yourself a new plant baby and watch it grow into the summer season and beyond.

 What do you like to do to start fresh during the spring season? Let us know in the comments! 


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