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Krysten Ritter has been on the acting scene for a long time, making her TV debut over 10 years ago. She has had many notable credits, such as Breaking Bad, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Gilmore Girls, 27 Dresses, Big Eyes, and more. However, this brooding babe is blowing up like crazy right now since she has been the star in the Netflix original show, Jessica Jones. Her performance in this series has earned her a well deserved spot as our bad bitch of the week, and she's 1000% girl crush worthy.
This is Netflix's second original series based off of Marvel comics, the first being Daredevil starring Charlie Cox. It's also one of those shows that you literally can't stop watching. (The show was up on YouTube on November 20th, and my roommate and I finished watching a couple days ago...I won't lie!) Jessica Jones, like Daredevil, takes in New York City, which makes it all that much cooler to watch.
Jessica Jones is a private investigator who lives in Hell's Kitchen....who also happens to have superhuman powers. It's refreshingly awesome to have a female superhero of sorts. Not to say Spider-Man isn't awesome - because we love Spider-Man - but it's great to watch a woman be the one who is strong, both emotionally and physically, and kicking some major ass. Krysten portrays the character flawlessly, making everything super believable... even though this tiny girl in jeans and a leather jacket can lift up a car and then take down three big men, no problem. In interviews, she speaks about how great it is to be playing the title role in a female led action production, which is usually not the way Marvel operates. 
Though we can't all have superhuman strength like Jessica Jones, we can look to her character for inspiration based on her normal human traits, like never-ending willpower, honesty, bravery, and determination. If you haven't started watching this series yet, it's time for you to park yourself in bed for the next two days and binge watch the hell out of Jessica Jones to see Krysten Ritter kill it (figuratively and literally). 


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