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Alissa is a triple threat and then some. On top of being an Instagram sensation, she is a model, actress, and singer. If you live in NYC and she looks familiar to you, you've probably seen her and her pink hair blown up all over subway stops across the the city for a Verizon Go90 campaign. She's modeled for many designers and e-commerce sites (including Social Decay!) and has appeared on national TV shows. Switching between blonde and pink locks, Alissa can pull off pretty much any look. She is always providing her followers with style inspiration, hair envy, and motivational quotes for them to "keep going" (which is one of her several little tattoos) and follow their passions.

SOCIAL DECAY: What is it like having a NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN? That is insane.
ALISSA LADERER: Honestly, it is just like any other ad campaign just more people see it. I am grateful for any work and I get it. Whether it is for a small company that no one ever sees, or a huge national campaign. Work is work, and that is success to me!
SD: As a model/actress/singer, which is your favorite to do?
AL: Definitely acting.
SD: What's your favorite acting gig you have had to date?
AL: Kira in Xanadu (A musical based off of the 80’s movie!)
SD: Who would you get star struck meeting?
AL: I don't get star struck really. But I'd love to meet the cast of Suits, because I'm really obsessed with that show right now.
SD: What are your thoughts on having pink hair vs. blonde hair?
 AL: I think I look better with pink hair, it is more unique. With blonde hair I feel basic and feel like I look like everyone else, the only time I have ever felt confident in my life was the first time I died my hair pink. I walked down the street smiling for hours just because I wanted people to see how good my hair looked.
SD: If you could model for any designer or brand in the world, who would it be?
AL: Chanel hands down.
SD: What's your number one beauty tip?
AL: Have you seen me? I got nothing! (Author’s note: I told Alissa she is crazy because she is absolutely gorgeous, so I did some prying and got a little tip out of her) I use coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face to keep dry skin at bay.
SD: How do you keep motivated in this rough industry?
AL: I haven't figured that out yet, every day is hard, I go months without having work. I am not getting any younger and I know I don't have forever, so I'll admit it is quite hard to stay motivated when you know there is a timeline and you are getting nowhere fast. I will say though, that is also sort of a motivator because it helps you know you can't just sit around and wait do things to happen. Success takes hard work (unless you're lucky).
Follow Alissa's adventures on Instagram @missalissa and read her blog here.


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