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Jacklyn Lune by Ashley Carmenatty is a blog that combines two unlikely subjects: fashion and mental illness. Ashley not only has awesome style, but also voices her struggles and triumphs with battling Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The blog's name came from "Jacklyn, meaning the supplanter, the person who takes the place of another, the one who will be the voice for the voiceless and Lune because of my fascination with the moon." So, on Jacklyn Lune aims to bring awareness to Mental Illness and ending stigmas, while also sharing great outfit and lifestyle posts.
SOCIAL DECAY: You usually don't see fashion bloggers voicing their struggles - especially mental health ones - on social media. What gave you the courage to share?
JACKLYN LUNE: I don't know if it's courage or just needing an outlet to voice my struggles, but I want my Instagram to be honest and raw about the situations I deal with because of my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. And at first it was extremely hard to try and connect fashion and mental health advocacy but somehow, it kinda works. The fashion aspect shows people that I am down to earth and relatable, while the advocacy part helps me heal and connect with other people who are challenged with a mental illness as well.
SD: What do you think is the biggest misconception that people have about anxiety disorders? 
JL: People instantly think that you are not educated and are dangerous. That crap pisses me off so much because that is the complete opposite. People with anxiety disorders are extremely intelligent and because we deal with so much stress due to our disorders, we are more empathetic and kind which makes us more likely to be the victims in situations.
SD: What keeps you going and gives you the motivation on rough days?
JL: What keeps me going is hope. I have so much hope that people won't look at us as crazy, uneducated, attention seekers, and as people who literally have a chemical imbalance in our minds that we can't control. We need education and empathy not ignorance and ill will. And on my lousy days I try and remind myself that I post on Instagram, not for the likes or the comments, (though I am so blessed to have such amazing friends who comment beautiful healing words) but to heal myself and say the words that I'm afraid to say out loud.
SD:  Who are your biggest fashion icons?
JL: I would have to say the only fashion icon I love is Audrey Hepburn. I know it is so cliche and weird because I don't really dress like her iconic style, but her poise and confidence is what I try and replicate. Other than her, I usually just look at celebrities and take different pieces and try and rock them myself but of course for less.
SD: What's your must have fall to winter transitional piece?
JL: A black faux leather jacket is a must transitional piece. I have this one that isn't actually mine but my fiance's sister's and I steal it all of the time to pair my outfits with. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket, it gives you that grunge look if you rock it with a bold lip and a Social Decay muscle tee and black boots. And when it gets cold you can always add a beanie, a scarf, a long sleeve shirt, and zip it up to the top. I seriously need to invest in a better one but for now I'm pretty content with my $40 dollar faux leather jacket. 
SD:  what's your dream brand/designer to work with?
JL: This is such a difficult one for me because my style is so versatile. One day I could want to wear something more classic and elegant and the next be rocking the grunge vibe. I also don't know much about designers except that most of the clothes they make will most likely not fit my curvy body. At the end of the day I'm truly blessed to even be able to work with the amazing companies on Instagram that I happen to come across, like Social Decay. That is more than I could even ask for!

Read the blog here and follow Ashley on Instagram @jacklyn.lune


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