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Laura Hajek is the fairy-looking front woman of New York City based experimental pop punk band Edith Pop. As many musicians have had alter egos or exaggerated personalities, Edith Pop became an alternate personality for Laura back in junior high school. Then, Edith Pop became a musical project influenced by 70's punk. Their music aims to "reconcile the banality of daily life with the excitement of teenage faith in rock and roll." Now, her band has released an independently produced EP  and this week, they'll perform at the National Arts Club in Manhattan. Keep reading to get to know Laura.
SOCIAL DECAY: Describe your band in 3 words:
LAURA HAJEK:  Fuck, What Now?
SD: What's the meaning behind the name?
LH:  The name is derived from my influences when I was in junior high and shaping my personal perception of coolness and rock and roll knowledge. At that time it was Edie Sedgwick + Iggy Pop= Edith Pop
SD: Tell us about your upcoming show at The National Arts Club!
LH:  We are honored to be playing at the National Arts Club on November 20th as the official band of this month's Young Members Mix and Mingle. Our set will feature various aspect of the Edith Pop project including a DJ set, a preview of unreleased tracks I created in solitude, new songs with the band, a few covers of songs we like, and poems. I basically feel like I'm throwing and attending my own funeral, it's fantastic.
SD: Will new music be coming out soon?
LH: We have so much new stuff! We are playing some at National Arts Club and the rest of it I'm going to release soon.
SD: What's your dream venue to perform in?
LH:  Well, Max's is closed, CBGB's is gone, Mudd Club is gone. I want to play at Shea Stadium but they never write us back. I guess my dream venue is The Milestone in North Carolina.
SD: Who are your influences as a band, and who is your favorite woman in music (dead or alive)?
LH: Our influences are Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, Blondie, Killing Joke and Jacques Derrida. My favorite woman in music right now is Mitski.

Keep up with Edith Pop on their Facebook page  and follow Laura on Instagram @edithpop 

Photos by Remy Holwick Sarah Charlie Benjamin


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