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Francine Julianne, aka Cina Smash, is a triple threat. This singer-model-actress claims that she has been singing since she came out of the womb, and then kicked it into high gear after she turned 6. She has loads of drive that have taken her career to another level, and she does not show any signs of stopping. She says, "I take what I do step by step and keep myself busy doing what I love, for that I am truly blessed!"

SOCIAL DECAY: How'd you get the nickname Cina Smash?
CINASMASH: Great question! A fellow bandmate gave me the name after The Hulk, long story short in my early 20's I had a wild child attitude and little to no patience. Once while waiting for a delayed flight at Boston's Logan airport I got tired of waiting and my fists ended up smashing tables...needless to say I chalk it up to my being a Scorpio...just don't get on my bad side!
SD: What's the best part of being in a cover band (Radio Riot), and what's your favorite song to cover? 
C: The best part of being in (my) cover band is being engaged to the lead guitarist. Not only do we love playing on stages all along the east coast together, but every weekend when we travel it is like mini vacations away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We have had many wonderful opportunities playing in all types of venues including the House of Blues in Atlantic City, Madison Square Garden for the NY Rangers and looking forward to a trip down south to play in Key West, FL soon! 
My favorite song to cover is 'Valerie' by Amy Winehouse. It gives me a chance to change up my vocals and embrace a little jazz and soul aside from the rock/pop I'm used to singing with songs like 'Ain't it Fun' by Paramore and 'Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC
SD:  Do you ever get stage fright? How do you cope with it?
C: I don't get stage fright anymore with gigs- ONLY if there is someone I know in the audience, be it friends or family. Weird I know!? The old advice of pretending the audience is naked just excites my perverted sense of humor too much. I have been singing on stages and in front of audiences of all sizes for over 20 years, I have fleeting moments of just closing my eyes and giving myself a proverbial kick in the ass while shaking off any nerves. 
SD:  Singer, model, actress, and blogger - how do you make time for it all?!
C: I sing every single weekend, it is truly my form of therapy. Without it I would bottle too much energy and emotions within. I need that release!!! Modeling has been so much fun, I don't think I will ever stop being such a ham where ever there be a camera. I've had the privilege of modeling for Makeup Forever for a few years. It was exciting to receive photos from friends overseas of my mug in different Sephora counters worldwide. The fact that I am literally 5 feet nothing never stopped me from working towards commercial/print. I would definitely tell my fellow petite boss ladies to go all the way and break molds! Blogging came naturally as a central place to promote every aspect of what keeps me busy. I love having my own little corner of the Internet. The name of my blog came from my Hulk name Smash and my spirit animal which symbolizes creativity- Monkey.
SD: What musicians do you look up to?
C: I look up to Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse. All legendary, all expressed emotions so deeply. I wish I had the chance to see Ella sing live, her vocals were so out of this world. Edith brings me to a place where I'm sure I've lived past lives in Paris, France. But Amy...oh Amy...she has my heart. One of my favorite memories is meeting Amy outside her concert in Boston. No one was around, her tour bus sat in the back parking lot of the house of blues. Two minutes later she walks out, got her autograph and photo with her as well. I asked her if she needed a body double, she laughed with her head falling back, hugged me and said 'Thank you love.' I still remember the way she smelled of jazz and marijuana, it was awesome.
SD:  In your eyes, what makes you a bad bitch?
C: I'm a bad bitch because I'm a triple threat, not only in performing but in life itself. I am 100% Puerto Rican, a Scorpio and I've got Grit. I've never given up on myself, no matter how many people I would encounter that would give me their two cents on how I should be living my life and what I'm doing wrong. It amazes me how threatened people are by greatness. I'm not talking about cockiness either! I'm talking about self love, to the point that you radiate above and beyond and anyone that comes into your path will never forget you.

Check out Cina Smash/Francine's blog here and follow her on IG @cinasmash


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