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Austen Tosone is a NYC based blogger, college student, uptown girl, stylist, and art lover. She's got a boho style with an edge, which we are in love with! She's featured our Babes & Beers and LA Deviants shredders on her blog and styled them with her own spin. We spoke with her about attending Barnard, living in NYC, and blogging.

SOCIAL DECAY: What made you want to start your blog in 2012?
    AUSTEN TOSONE: A genuine curiosity for fashion and a desire to record my ever-changing style. In high school I knew nothing about fashion but was totally fascinated by it. The summer between high school and college proved to have the perfect amount of down time to pursue the blog as an experiment that I was only planning on doing over the summer. 
SD: What are you studying at Barnard?
   AT: I study art history and I specialize in contemporary art. I've just started my senior thesis and am delving deep into the minimalist movement of the late 60's, looking specifically at theatricality and phenomenology in relation to works by Tony Smith, Donald Judd and Richard Serra. I'm curious about how minimalist art uses materiality to its advantage; since the work is so simple, it encourages the viewer to look inward and focus on him or herself. 
SD: What's the best part of going to college in the city?
    AT: The best part about going to school in the city is the opportunities that are in front of me on a daily basis. Not only do I go to an incredibly cool college, but a few blocks outside of it are some of the most brilliant artists, inventors and creators and you never know who you'll run into! I try to go to several networking events, panels, or blogger meet ups when I hear about them. And I'm never bored.
SD:  How has being a stylist at Free People influenced your style?
    AT: Really great question. I'll give the long answer first. My favorite thing about working for Free People is that the brand extends beyond the clothing- there's a whole lifestyle associated with it! I love getting lost on the blog, watching the videos they make of new concepts and trying out new trends I would have never thought to simply because I'll fall in love with how they are styled in the catalogue. The short answer is I threw out all of my bras with underwire and padding, I tend to go for flowy over structured and I use the word "layering" at least once a day. 
SD: Who are your favorite bloggers of the moment?    
     AT: My favorite bloggers are the ones who truly let me feel like I'm being let in on a secret part of their life and getting to step into their world for a little bit. Lately I am drawn to Jeanne Grey (The Grey Layers), Rachel-Marie (Jag Lever), Lisa Dengler (Just Another Fashion Blog), and Erika Fox (Retro Flame). 
SD: What would your dream NYC apartment be like?
AT: I hope it would be a little sanctuary, and a place to take a breath amidst the chaos of the city. As soon as I see a white wall my immediate instinct is to cover the entire surface so I can imagine walls filled with tapestries, dream catchers, photos of friends and family and inspiring quotes or images. Definitely with lots of candles. I *hope* it will be big enough to entertain, but knowing my friends they would be happy smushed together and lounging on floor pillows. 

Read Austen's blog here and follow her on Instagram @austentosone


  • Kosta: November 03, 2015

    Yaay, I love your answers Austen!

  • Heather Nickels: November 03, 2015

    Go Austen!!

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