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I will never understand how people go without coffee. Don't trust people who claim that juice in the morning give them enough energy to get them through the morning. Most of us need coffee, and are straight up addicted. Asides from the caffeine rush that we crave (especially on Monday mornings), there's nothing more comforting than that first sip of hot coffee on a chilly fall day, or curling up in bed with a warm mug when you aren't quite ready to fully wake up yet. Also, coffee shops are awesome. They're the perfect place to eat, drink, work, and socialize. Here are a few picks throughout New York City...excluding Starbucks because we all already know there's one of those on every block. 

Grey Dog - Multiple Locations
Yummy and cute drinks with paw print latte art (and also amazing brunch food)

Cafe Grumpy - Multiple Locations
Because we are all grumpy AF in the morning (or afternoon) pre-coffee

Empire Coffee & Tea Co - Hell's Kitchen
Three words: Almond Joy Latte

Toby's Estate - Multiple Locations
A rotating menu of coffee flavors... plus "Brew School" classes you can sign up for

The Bean - Multiple Locations
Locations in the East Village and Brooklyn with fun decor & free wifi

Alice's Tea Cup - Multiple Locations
For those who enjoy caffeine but don't like coffee and like tea parties
Now go and get yourself a cup!


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