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Tomorrow, October 22nd, Socialite Boutique will be hosting a grand opening event, "Fashion Meets Beauty Trunk Show" featuring Social Decay! Check out the shop, drink champagne, and meet two of the babes of Social Decay, Melissa Garcia and Sam Sisca! 

Before the event, learn more about Aparna, the boutique owner. This fashion lover had an unlikely start with her career path. She yearned for life on Wall Street, and after college, she landed a job with a hedge fund, and continued to work in finance for about ten years. After the economy spiraled down, business was not great, and Aparna was second guessing what she wanted to do.  Then, she was on the road to opening Socialite Boutique! 

 SOCIAL DECAY: What made you want to run your own boutique?
 APARNA:  I’ve always been into fashion. I think a lot of that had to do with my mother taking me to Bloomingdale’s and Saks as a toddler, inspiring me to always dress the part I wanted to be and radiate my self-confidence. When politics started playing a big role in my career and I saw how unhappy people were, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate what it is I wanted in life. Did I want to live to work or work for a living?? I always believed in following your dream and if the opportunity presented itself, fate has a way to push you to do it. I made some drastic changes to my lifestyle and my career and took a different position with a better company which allowed me to start branching into things I really wanted to do. I have always wanted to own a boutique but timing never seemed right so I decided to take my interests and start a blog (you can find it on as well as begin learning more about the business by blogging about different designers, trends, and boutiques that I shopped at. The best opportunity was when Kim DePaola (Posche Boutique in Allendale)took me under her wing and taught me more about the retail aspect. I was able to work in her boutique, meet and style her clients, participate at her fashion shows, and gain insight into the world I knew I eventually wanted to go in. Finally at the beginning of this year, fate came knocking and the opportunity came about where I could finally own my very own boutique and this past August, Socialite was born.
SD: How does it feel to have a grand opening coming up!?
 A: It’s been sooo surreal! After so much time to finally see a dream you have inside your mind, sitting in front of you..I find myself pinching myself thinking I’m going to wake up!
SD: What do you want people to feel when they shop in your store?
 A: The whole purpose of why I wanted to start a boutique as supposed to working as a buyer for a department store or getting into a franchise retail outlet was because I loved being able to shop and dress in pieces that you could not find anywhere else. I also loved receiving that personalized attention from a  familiar face. My goal is to provide both unique fashion paired with providing an unforgettable experience that makes them feel special. I’m all for promoting self confidence and I want people to come in and feel comfortable and to reform women’s attitude to let their inner confidence shine.
SD:Which Social Decay top is your favorite? 
A: I think my favorite would be “Dressed up to get Messed Up”
SD: Asides from Social Decay, what are some cool up-and-coming brands you carry?
  A: I like to have a blend of up and coming as well as popular known designers. In addition to Social Decay, I am introducing Tina Tandon, AQ/AQ,, and Nina Verklas to the our current demographic. I love that these brands are not currently carried anywhere within our vicinity and am excited to see them flourish amongst the well known brands we carry such as Alice + Olivia, Yoana Baraschi, Analili, and Black Halo.
SD: What can people look forward to at the Fashion Meets Beauty Black & White event?
A: People can look forward to some great fall fashion within the store, fun and funky shirts from Social Decay, and some great makeup tips from our talented makeup artist – Dani Barbers. We also will have an awesome DJ spinning some great music, food, and of course lots of champagne and wine.
Be there or be square! 


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