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Yeha Leung, the bad bitch behind Creepyyeha, does it all. She designs, hand makes, and models incredible lingerie...which is not for the faint of heart. Straight out of New York City, this line is anything but ordinary. The aesthetic is a mix of hard bondage pieces (harnesses, studs, and straps) against cute pastel pink hearts and fluffy accents. The creative designs of Yeha have created a cult following, and for good reason!
SOCIAL DECAY: What's your background?
YEHA LEUNG: I am Chinese American. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in 3 different boroughs of New York.

SD: I saw that you worked with FKA Twigs - so cool! What was that like? And have you done anything else for other celebrities?
YL: It was great, she is a graceful and elegant soul. I really admire all aspects of her work, especially how she respects originality and treats everyone around her. I just love her creativity in general and the way she curates / produces all aspects of her work. I am really open to styling all sorts of people not only "celebrities." I only do custom performance pieces for artists that I personally enjoy. 
SD: Do you consider yourself a model as much as you consider yourself a designer?
YL: I model my own work because my brand is still very personal. It stems from personal taste. I started off designing for myself because I couldn't find anything else like it on the market. It has always been very personal. Recently I have started collaborating with different models/photographers and I look forward to working with all types of creative people.

SD: Why lingerie? Why not clothing design?
YL: I studied fashion design in school but as of now, I specialize in luxury accessories and leather goods.  I look forward to expanding to all types of products. The future is limitless.

SD: Was this always the path you wanted to take?
YL: Yes. It has always been my main focus in life without a doubt. My mother is also an entrepreneur and she taught me to work hard so I could own something I could be proud of, to create my own path. 

SD: Favorite part about the job?
YL: I am able to be in control of all aspects of the operation. I handle everything from designing, cut & sew, emails, shipping, etc. 

SD: What do you see in the future for creepyyeha?
YL: I am planning on doing some special presentations / showrooms around nyc so people can experience the full effect of the brand in person. I will also create some type of structure, either on or offline, to bring other independent brands into fruition. 

SD: In your eyes, what do you think makes you a bad bitch?
YL: I am just human. 
Shop Creepyyeha here and follow Yeha on Instagram @creepyyeha


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