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Today we're talking about Lady Gaga... not the musician, but the actress. Many doubted her ability to act amongst Emmy nominated actors and actresses on American Horror Story Hotel, but Gaga is definitely holding her ground and SLAYING it. The past couple of years when the season premiere of American Horror Story airs, it's like Christmas. There are plot twists, surprises, and new additions to the cast. If you love all things creepy, messed up, and peculiar, this is absolutely the show for you if you don't already watch it.
As if the fan favorites weren't enough (Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Denis O'Hare) the geniuses behind AHS cast in Lady Gaga, who has been a bad bitch since day one she arrived on the entertainment scene. She is proving herself as a respectable actress, trying her hardest and hoping that everyone will enjoy watching. So far, so good.
Gaga plays The Countess, a fangless vampire who uses none other than a fancy nail/ring hybrid to slit the skin of her prey to drink their blood. She has hot men wrapped around her finger, her eyeliner is always immaculate, and her wardrobe is beyond perfect. Costume designer  Lou Eyrich perfectly curated The Countess' wardrobe, creating elegant yet sexy looks that are perfect for the character. She even tries to keep her blonde locks out of the way when she's feeding on blood.
Lady Gaga and her character The Countess are prime examples of bad bitches. They know what they want, and they aren't afraid to chase after it- be it fame and respect, or sex and blood. 


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