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Lulu, the cutie behind @esprvsso is one of our favorite Instagrammers, and she's a recently turned lifestyle blogger! Born and raised in NYC, her IG feed and blog capture the essence of living as a New Yorker- from fashion to coffee shops to architecture. Not to mention, she rocks Social Decay and makes killer flat lays. She knows no limits and aims to dabble in everything while being a positive force online where so much negativity exists. We got to chat about her thoughts on NYC living, fashion, and music.

SOCIAL DECAY: What inspired you to really take your IG account and turn it into something bigger with your new blog?
LULU: I often use my Instagram as a journal/diary and a lot of my followers have told me that they love my writing. Some of them have told me to get published, which is crazy and also incredibly flattering! That's really what inspired me to expand "esprvsso" into a blog. I wanted to give myself a bigger platform to express myself and connect with people online. 
SD:How'd you decide on the simple (yet effective) IG handle of @esprvsso ?
L: I love one-worded usernames and a lot of them were already taken hahaha. no but in all seriousness, I wanted something that represented who I am (at least in some aspects) and what I wanted to achieve with my Instagram. I love coffee and like a shot of espresso, I wanted to use my Instagram posts to deliver a burst of happiness & energy to my followers. I'm all about being a source of positivity! (But the "v" is mostly because "espresso" was already taken haha) 
SD:  21 in NYC .... What is that like for you? Totally overwhelming, or totally awesome?
L: I think it's pretty awesome! Sure, there are good and bad parts of everything, but I've finally learned recently that the opportunities are limitless and there's always something new to be discovered (even on the same streets you walk on everyday). 
SD: You write for "Your Daily Sip"? Please elaborate! 
L: The editor in chief contacted me after reading a post I published on my Instagram about the different struggles I've had over the years and my road to recovery. He liked my positive outlook and wanted to give me my own column to share more of my experiences and whatever else I was inspired to write about. 
SD: Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?
L: Definitely a lot of fashion bloggers! My favorites are Luanna Perez and Amy Valentine. I also love urban street style and I live in NYC so where better to pull inspiration than from everyone around me.
SD: I saw on your blog that you love the Maine - who else would you count as your favorite bands and musicians?
L: I love a little bit of everything! But my favorites have to be 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, All Time Low and Halsey. I also fancy a bit of twenty one pilots, State Champs, and Beach Weather. 
SD: What are your ultimate top three wishlist items for fall fashion in NYC?
L:  Mesh/transparent clothing galore! (There's a transparent bomber jacket that I'm dying to get my hands on.) A tutu. And finally, a satin or silk slip dress. 
SD: What hair color is next for you?
L: Ah that's so hard to say! I've been missing my blue hair so badly lately, but I'm also feeling the pink/purple. I think the next color will be a split decision, to be honest! 

Follow Lulu on Instagram @esprvsso and check out her blog here


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