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7 Horror Movie Gems You Need to Watch ASAP

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I'm one of those people who watches horror movies in her free time, even when I'm alone and even at night. There's something about the adrenaline rush that I love, and I have a collection of high-quality films that I always seem to go back to. Here are seven horror movie gems you need to watch (and no, The Babadook isn't on this list).
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1.) A Ghost Story (2017) 
Okay, technically, A Ghost Story isn't even really a "horror" movie exactly, but it left me completely speechless and tangled up in my own thoughts for days after. It's slow-moving, and at times you'll want to pull your hair out because of the pacing, but, trust me...keep watching. All I'll tell you is the most basic version of the plot: a deceased, white-sheeted ghost goes back to the home he shared with his wife and watches as life goes on without him. Don't read anything about it beforehand. As my brother said to me before I watched it, "good luck."
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2.) Calibre (2018)
In Calibre, we find two old friends taking a vacation in the Scottish wilderness, with one being an experienced hunter and the other a complete newbie. They drink a lot of alcohol, do a lot of drugs, and because the second guy doesn't know how to handle a gun, a dire mistake is made. The mistake leads to another and another and another, and soon these two charming friends don't seem so charming anymore. One scene in particular is so nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing that I still haven't been able to watch it all the way through–you'll know which one I'm talking about.
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3.) Black Mirror: Episode "Hated in the Nation" (2016)
Yes, yes, I know Black Mirror is a TV show and not a movie, but I think that the episode "Hated in the Nation" is good enough to stand on its own. In the frost-tinged London setting, we meet an experienced detective and her new tech apprentice investigating several deaths. Little do they know something sinister has begun, where social media users can use the hashtag #DeathTo and, essentially, pick their own targets to kill...that is, if enough other people are on board. I won't give much else away, but know that bees play a very sinister role. 
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4.) The Ritual (2017)
Ah, yes, another British-made Netflix original. The Ritual follows a group of friends embarking on a camping trip into deserted Swedish woods, with a dark cloud hanging over the trip–one of their friends was recently killed in a shooting at a convenience store (don't worry, that's not a major spoiler). What follows is a mess of pointing fingers and losing their bread-crumb trail, as they've stumbled into forests of Norse legend with scary things around every corner. There are only two words for the monster that's hunting them throughout the movie: absolutely terrifying. You'll catch a full glimpse of it towards the end.
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5.) The Gift (2015)
This is classified as a "thriller" film, and it's certainly a film that defies expectations and brings in a twist that no one saw coming. A couple moves into a beautiful, hilltop house with huge glass windows and breathtaking views. They run into someone the husband knew from high school and brush the encounter off, not giving it a second thought as they resume their so-called "perfect life." Below the surface, there's a history that neither the audience nor the wife know about. Everything starts unraveling as she realizes her husband isn't at all who she thinks he is. 
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6.) Gerald's Game (2017)
From the brilliant mind of Stephen King comes Gerald's Game, originally novel but made into a movie by Netflix. Excellent choice. The film focuses on a couple whose relationship is on the rocks, so they decide to go away for a weekend and spice things up in the bedroom. In the midst of the woman being handcuffed to the bed, her husband suddenly dies, and she's left chained to the bed with no means of escape. Chaos ensues when terrifying voices and visions start to appear, and she can't differentiate between what's real or not real.
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7.) The Witch (stylized The VVitch) (2015)
I have no words to describe how bone-chilling/excellent this movie is. 

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What is your favorite horror film? Let us know in the comments below!


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