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Layna is a lifestyle blogger at Short & Sweet and a fashion intern who is making her way through New York City looking fabulous, eating great food... taking lots of photos along the way. This driven fashion lover was born in Manhattan, grew up in New Jersey, and is now back in the Big Apple to tackle the fashion industry. She also has an Instagram solely dedicated to food. #GOALS
SOCIAL DECAY: What made you want to make your blog more than just fashion?
LAYNA: Three passions of mine are fashion, food, and photography -- so when I began my blog I wanted to share all the positive things that capture my attention and bring happiness. I wanted my blog to appeal to an audience larger than just fashion-lovers, foodies, and photographers,  so I added an "OTHER tab” to be able to include surprise content.
SD:  What are your goals for your blog ? 
L: I'd love to reach global viewers, but my ultimate goal is just to create something that people enjoy and makes them smile. When I find great products or new brands — I’d like to help ignite their success. There’s so much sensationalized, negative news — so I enjoy providing the good stuff. The best feeling is having someone randomly reach out and tell me how they love reading my blog. It always makes me smile — and that’s my ultimate goal.
SD: What is your must-have fall/winter piece in your closet? 
L: My Sandro cracked leather jacket is my fall must-have. Leather jackets add a little bit of edge to any outfit  — and allow you to dress up or dress down an outfit. This particular one has such great texture and imperfections that it adds even more character.
SD:  What's your favorite restaurant in NYC at the moment? What do you order from there?
L: This is a tough one... I'd have to say currently Añejo on the corner of 10th and 47th. Since it's a tequileria plus a restaurant, the Mendoza cocktail (Herradura silver, passion fruit, grenadine, cava) is a must. The Pork Belly Tostadas is my all-time favorite.
SD: What's it like interning at Racked? 
L: Interning at Racked is awesome. Racked is a sub-brand of Vox Media, and is the one-stop for all that's important -- fashion, lifestyle, shopping, and wellness. Since they are rapidly expanding it is an unparalleled learning experience. Everybody is driven — and the open office space makes it a lively environment that is very enjoyable.
SD: What tips do you have for other fashion interns?
L: Be very thorough with everything you're asked to do -- and don't be afraid to ask questions. Dress for the job you want — you’re as important as you look. And, be sure to meet everyone and treat them with the respect you’d like.
Read Layna's blog here, follow her personal Instagram @laynabayna and see some serious food porn @canttalk_eating


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