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Halsey is the latest one-named musician to hit the scene. A couple years ago she was just "one of us" - a girl using the Internet as a creative outlet and safe space. She gained Internet fame after writing a satirical song that went viral about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's brief romance. That was when she went by her real name, Ashley Frangipane. Now, she goes by Halsey, which is both a play on the letters in the name Ashley as well as the name of a subway stop in Brooklyn. She spent her teen years escaping to Bushwick and hanging out with "bad kids." Here she is today, with a top selling album, BADLANDS, which has its fair share of Brooklyn references!

This babe has got some beautiful tattoos and rocks awesome hair that's always switching up. Her long, mermaid like turquoise hair has been chopped off into an edgy short hair do with shaved sides. Since the chop, she's been embracing a more androgynous look with her style overall. She's all about gender fluidity. 
One thing we love about celebrities is when they get real. She considers herself more of a writer than a singer. In an interview with Elle, she actually expressed that she doesn't think she's a great singer, but she does write all of her music. She's all about conveying emotion and ideas through music. When it comes down to it, we love music because we love the way it can make us feel certain emotions. Her music is catchy, with an electro pop vibe and lyrics that are deeper than they sound.

Halsey isn't afraid to speak out on the issues that she faces on a daily basis, which makes her super relatable. She has opened up about her struggle with mental illness. For several years she has been battling with bipolar disorder, and she has shared this struggle with her fans and opened up about it to various magazines in interviews. Being unafraid to open up about who she is makes Halsey a bad bitch. She is who she is, unapologetically. 


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