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We wouldn't exactly consider ourselves "normal," and neither do the ladies in charge at Tunnel Vision, one of the raddest online shops out there. It's a small business: an online shop  curated by four girls with really great style. Half of them are based in LA, and half are based in Minneapolis.  Their site says, "We want to provide other weird chicks with weird clothes."
Tunnel Vision has an awesome collection of vintage clothing. They sell vintage, plus their own label. Each girl hand picks vintage pieces to sell on the site. You can be an authentic 90's grunge babe or 70's flower child! Courtney Love or Stevie Nicks, take your pick!
They also carry a big selection of new clothes, by their own label and by other cool brands. The models on the site have a beautiful rainbow of hair and come in different shapes and sizes. They've even got a plus size section, which they've named the "hottie with a body" section. Did I mention you can shop some new arrivals by us on their site? We're obsessed with the way they styled Social Decay tees and shredders.
Shop here and follow them on Instagram @shoptunnelvision


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