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Danielle Gold, blogger behind The Velvet Dress, is an old soul with a love for vintage and killer style. Her blog touches on fashion and lifestyle as she provides her readers with styling and shopping tips. She says, " I believe that one’s personal style is more than just the clothes you wear; it involves your interests, attitude, beliefs and how you choose to live your life." Her mysterious vibe that she creates with her outfits keep us wanting more. We got to talk to her about her color of choice and Hollywood crushes.

Social Decay: You (like us) seem to wear a LOT of black. What's so appealing to you about it?
The Velvet Dress: To me there is a lot appealing about black. Not only is it simple and classic, but also very bold and mysterious. Black is alluring and it has a story to tell. It’s funny you ask this because I’m actually writing a blog post on this very topic! To me black is a staple. I also find that mixing different black fabrics can help to give an outfit depth, something that can sometimes be lost in a basic all black look.
Social Decay: You put Elvis up as your MCM on Instagram. Any other crushes from different eras?
The Velvet Dress:  Elvis is my ultimate crush. I’ve loved him ever since I was a little girl. That being said nothing beats a classic noir actor like Marlon Brando or Humphrey Bogart. Now those are some dapper men. But to think of some a bit more..relevant...I’ll always love Heath Ledger and Brad Pitt.
Social Decay: Who's your favorite style icon of the past and style icon of the present?
The Velvet Dress: It’s so hard to pick just one so I have narrowed myself down to a few. I feel like my style also can’t be put into a category or inspired by just one single person as I dress different everyday depending on how I’m feeling that day. Past: Coco Chanel/Audrey Hepburn/Bridge Bardot/Kate Moss. Present: the Olsens/Nicole Richie/Rihanna
Social Decay: As a lover of vintage, which decade is your favorite fashion wise?
The Velvet Dress: The 50s and 70s. Though I have a bit of a dark take on both, wearing mostly black leather and faux furs, most of the silhouettes of my clothing resemble these 2 eras. I would also say the 90’s due to my platforms and leggings. In general I love the classic stiletto pump and peacoat polished look of the 50s, mixed with the velvet bellbottom faux fur 70s chic.
Social Decay: What sparked your love of vintage and velvet?
The Velvet Dress:  As a kid I grew up in a rich neighborhood where all the girls who went to my school always had new clothes. Even though we lived in the same neighborhood we didn’t have the money for this. So I would start thrift shopping to be able to get new clothes without having to spend much. I would have to search for awhile to find good stuff, but thats usually how it is. You have to put in work. I remember I had a sparkly shirt my friends loved that was from Liz Claiborne or something, I got for about 2 dollars.
Social Decay: What do you love do to besides blogging?
The Velvet Dress: I’m fortunate to live in Santa Barbara where the beach is just 10 minutes away and so are the mountains. So I really enjoy hiking and going to the beach on days off with friends. If you check out my Instagram, @thevelvetdress_ which I update daily, you’ll see fashion photos mixed in with nature, food and adventures. I try to travel as much as I can though some days I can only get away the day. I went to art school for a bit though I have just now started to get back into drawing and painting. As well as nature photography. Always a fan of events and shows, mostly music and art, if the music is good you’ll find me dancing.

Photos by  Aidan Hogge for The Velvet Dress 


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